Chapter 5

“Why are you here?” Wynn frowned and glanced at the Bentley beside Philip. Did he just come out from that car? Is this my wretched husband? Or do delivery companies now deliver meals in Bentleys?

“I… I uh…” Philip stammered then swept a look at George who was smiling like a flower through the window.

The old man quickly put out a hand and said, “Young man, thank you. It’s thanks to you that I finally found this place. Let this old man treat you to a meal next time to show my gratitude.”

Philip smiled and nodded politely. “That’s okay, sir. Please take care on your way back.” The tone of his voice hinted to the elderly man to leave quickly.

George did not say anything but smiled and nodded at Wynn before asking the driver to move away.

Wynn froze in shock! Wasn’t… wasn’t that the chairman of Apex Group, President Thomas?! The wealthiest man in the city! And Philip was just in the same car with him!

“Do you know George Thomas?” Wynn looked back at Philip, surprised.

Philip shrugged. “No, I don’t. That old thing was lost, so I just led the way.”

That old thing? The corner of Wynn’s mouth twitched. He had called the wealthiest man in the city ‘that old thing’? How rude!

“What do you mean by ‘old thing.’ That man is the wealthiest in Riverdale, the president of Apex Group!” Wynn rolled her eyes at Philip. This man was senseless. The more Wynn looked at him, the more contempt she felt. She merely said coldly, “Philip, don’t forget that my father will be hosting a get-together this weekend at Virtuous Court. Prepare some gifts.”

“I never said I would go,” answered Philip.

“You!” Wynn was irked. She had put in a lot of effort to persuade her father, telling him that Philip would come and apologize to him, and she hoped that her father would not give him such a hard time. But, what was with Philip’s attitude? Forget it, forget him. She must have been blind back then to fall for this man.

“Do as you please then!” Wynn’s temper flared up, and with a twist of her slender waist, she turned to leave.

As Philip watched her leave, he noticed that she had changed clothes. She even seemed to be wearing perfume and had makeup on. Philip was puzzled as he saw her enter a large building. He started pondering, Didn’t Wynn say she was going back to the office? Why was she here? And where was this? It’s Hilton Hotel!

At the thought of that, Philip felt anger rise in him. He was putting in so much effort at work, but she came to a hotel? This would not do. He must follow her and see what was going on!

Wynn was very stressed out today. First, her daughter’s heart disease had relapsed under the care of that irresponsible Philip. Next, she had to worry about that whole matter with Juan Parker, and after she returned to the office, one of her projects was facing some challenging patch.

The president of this project stood her up and insisted that she come for a discussion at the Hilton. Wynn had wanted to refuse, but the client was using the project to pressure her, so she had to show up. This project was worth a million!

Just then, her phone rang. “Hello, President Warren, I’ve arrived. Where are you?”

“I’m waiting for you at the restaurant on the sixth floor.” The mellow voice of a man sounded from the other end of the call.

“Alright, President Warren, I’ll be over soon.” Wynn smiled.

After she hung up, Wynn let out a sigh, looking a little hesitant as she stared at the elevator before finally deciding to go upstairs after all.

The moment the elevator doors closed, Philip appeared in the lobby and saw that Wynn had gone up from afar. He ran after her, but a cold, mocking voice stopped him instead.

“Wow, isn’t this my cousin brother-in-law who works as a delivery man? Are you delivering to the Hilton?”

Philip turned his head to see a gorgeous and fashionable couple, leaning close to each other. The girl had her arms crossed with a mocking expression as she leaned into the arms of a tall and handsome man.

“Lynn Johnston?” Philip frowned before taking note that the elevator had stopped on the sixth floor.

The girl walked over with a taunting look and laughed. “What a coincidence to see you here. It looks like your area of coverage is extensive.”

This girl was Lynn Johnston, Wynn’s younger cousin sister. She was only a freshman in college, but she looked like a fine woman.

“Lynnie, who’s this?” The handsome man beside Lynn signaled her with his eye and asked.

Lynn immediately snorted. “He’s my cousin brother-in-law. Didn’t I tell you before? The one whose business failed and had to do deliveries for a living. He even borrowed a few thousand bucks from me but hasn’t returned it yet.”

Lynn had always looked down on Philip because he was just rubbish! She always felt that a frog like him did not match up to her cousin. While the man did marry her cousin sister, it was more accurate to say he married into her family instead. How shameful.

“Haha, this is the cousin brother-in-law you’ve been talking about?” The man laughed out loud, the mockery visible in his eyes.

Philip was starting to get annoyed. He was Lynn’s cousin brother-in-law after all, so what was she trying to achieve by getting outsiders to humiliate him too?

“I’ll return you the money, but I have something to do now. So, I won’t keep both of you company.” Philip forced out a smile.

Lynn was still Wynn’s cousin sister, so as an elder, Philip felt that he should exercise more tolerance. If she knew that he was now the heir to the world’s largest consortium, he wondered what expression Lynn would have right now and how would she react?

Humans are always superficial and ignorant.

“Return me the money? I’m not counting on it. With your pay as a delivery man, would it even be enough to cure Mila?” Lynn asked sarcastically. Her cousin brother-in-law was trash! And that little b*tch should have never been born! Lynn did not think much of Philip, so naturally, she felt the same for his daughter.

When Philip heard this, his expression gradually turned cold.

“Lynn Johnston, I am still your cousin brother-in-law. Don’t you think you’re too rude?”

“Hah!” Lynn snorted. “I’ve never acknowledged you as my cousin brother-in-law. You just happened to be clinging onto my cousin sister and married into our family, nothing more.” How shameless! Who did he think he was to use his identity to pressure her?

“Wow, he’s a live-in son-in-law?” Lynn’s boyfriend laughed, sounding surprised. How wretched was this man to be able to stoop so low?

Lynn waved her hand before tugging her boyfriend’s arm and said, “Forget it, let’s go, Hugh. Standing beside a person like this makes the air all greasy and smelly.”

Philip’s eyes darkened. His hands balled into fists as he watched Lynn swaying her hips and walking away with her boyfriend in tow. The two people were still mumbling to each other.

“Your cousin brother-in-law is worthless.”

“He’s not my cousin brother-in-law. If you keep saying that, I’ll stop talking to you.”

Philip took a deep breath to calm his emotions. He should not be bothering himself with brats like them. He then turned around and ran into the elevator to go up to the sixth floor.

Philip had circled the whole area before finally noticing Wynn’s silhouette inside a Western restaurant through a glass wall.

What the f*ck!

What angered him was the sight of a bald and oily fat man sitting across Wynn, reaching out his arm as he tried to touch Wynn’s hand with a disgusting expression on his face.

Oh, a cuckoo bird! Wait, where is it going? This is not a beautiful sight at all!

Philip was furious! He dug out his phone and called Wynn immediately.

Inside the restaurant, Wynn tactfully rejected Manager Warren’s goodwill countless times, but the man was unwilling to give up. He was even trying to touch her hand!

It was at this moment, her phone suddenly rang. This was her chance to take a breather.

“I’m sorry, Manager Warren, let me take this call,” said Wynn, and she stood up to walk out of the restaurant.

Manager Warren’s tiny eyes narrowed as he stared at Wynn’s back profile. He could not stop himself. He was thinking to himself that he will surely punish this proud woman tonight!

“Hello, Philip, is something up?” Wynn stood outside the restaurant.

“I’m in front of you.”

Wynn then abruptly looked up to see Philip staring coldly at her. She frowned in confusion. Why was he here?

“Are you following me?” Wynn walked over with a frosty expression and asked icily. She had just run into Philip downstairs, and now he was here at the restaurant entrance. What was this if it was not stalking? Excellent job Philip, you’re even starting this disgusting hobby of stalking someone now?

Philip laughed. “I don’t have that kind of time to be following you. I just happened to pass by.” He then glanced over at the fatty inside the restaurant and asked, “Who’s he? Is he more important than Mila?” To come out and meet this fat man instead of going to the hospital. You’re something, aren’t you?

Wynn was annoyed by Philip’s interrogative tone, but she explained nonetheless, “A business partner. We’re here for a business discussion.”

“A business discussion? I saw him making moves on you. Are you having a business discussion or a date?” Philip questioned.

Wynn’s expression darkened. She crossed her arms and said in a hateful tone, “Philip Clarke, what are you trying to say? Are you suspecting me of an affair? I grind myself away every day, working just to earn money to cure Mila! But, what about you? Does making deliveries every day earn you a great future? I have asked you to apologize to my parents, but have you done that? You’re just a coward!”

As she spoke, Wynn grew more agitated as tears started to pool in her eyes. She turned away and sniffled. “Forget it. It’s no use telling you anything. I’m not coming back tonight.”

Was she not coming back? Philip was dumbstruck. Did she mean she was going to stay out tonight? With this fatso?

“What if I can help you?” asked Philip. Seeing Wynn in this state, Philip could easily guess that this discussion was not easy. That business partner must be threatening her. At the same time, he felt guilty, realizing that his attitude had been inappropriate earlier.

“What can you help me with? Can you bring me a one million dollar worth of order?” Wynn laughed. Her tone was cold. She never counted on Philip to be able to help her with anything.

“It’s just a one million dollar order, I can-...” said Philip. He did not lack the money now. With just one sentence from him, he could even buy over Wynn’s company, much less a million-dollar project. It was a piece of cake!

“Philip, that’s enough. I don’t need you to worry about my troubles,” answered Wynn coldly before turning around and going back into the restaurant.

Don’t need me to worry? But, you’re my wife!

Philip stared after Wynn with a bitter smile and then took out his phone.
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Juniper Riddle
Cousin sister and cousin brother in law? Please get an editor, those terms don't exist in English.
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no wonder this story is popular! so far i like it and gonna read more after this btw,is there any way i can keep up with your work? do you have social media?
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Seriously these authors need to stop writing each other’s stories or is there one author on this app. Novels are becoming so predictable and boring.

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