Chapter 6

Philip casually made a call to George Thomas. “George, help me check for the latest projects that Wynn Johnston is handling within Beacon Pharmaceutical. Is there a million-dollar order? Let me know who is the client and the person in charge.”

From the other end came George’s respectful voice, saying, “Young Master, Beacon Pharmaceutical is one of the companies that the Clarke family invests in. I’ll get President Hall of Beacon to visit you personally.”

Huh? Beacon Pharmaceutical is actually one of the companies our family invests in? My dad is too awesome!

Philip suddenly regretted not inheriting the family business earlier.

“No need to. Investigate quickly and have the client smoothen the whole process so that they won’t give Wynn a hard time,” said Philip calmly.

“Young Master, I recommend you to just buy over that client’s company. You don’t lack the money,” George suggested.

What the f*ck! Buy over? As expected of a butler from a wealthy family. Oh George, old man, do you really talk this big now?

“It’s called being low profile, do you understand? If I wanted to buy it, would I have waited until now?” Philip answered indignantly.

“Alright, Young Master. Please give me ten minutes,” George said sheepishly.

As soon as he hung up, George immediately got his secretary to contact Beacon Pharmaceutical’s chairman, Derrick Hall.

When Derrick received the call from George’s secretary, he was trembling with excitement. “President Thomas, do you need me for something?” It was a call from the richest man in Riverdale City! The chairman of Apex Group! Countless people wished to have a meal with him.

“President Hall, it’s not me who wants something from you, but my young master.” George’s voice sounded calm through the phone, but his tone was forbidding. He was, after all, the richest man in Riverdale City! He had to sound respectful in front of the young master, but toward other people, he was the boss! And a boss naturally needed to behave like one.

“Young… Young Master?” Derrick was currently sitting inside the president’s office of Beacon Tower, stunned as he started to break out in cold sweat.

President Thomas’ young master! The richest man in the city still had a young master! That was just too scary!

“Then, what would the young lord like from me?” Derrick asked carefully, terrified of enraging George if he was not cautious enough.

“There’s a Wynn Johnston in your company. Who is the client she has been in contact with lately?” asked George.

Derrick knew Wynn Johnston. She was the deputy manager of the marketing department, a strong woman, and he had had his eyes on her for a long time now. But sadly, she was married, although it did not matter.

Derrick immediately jogged over to the marketing department with his head drenched in sweat. When the staff of the Beacon Pharmaceutical marketing department saw Derrick, they all kept quiet.

“Where is Deputy Manager Johnston?” asked Derrick.

“She went out for a business discussion,” a staff member answered.

“Who is the client?” asked Derrick.

“Manager Maury Warren of Victory Pharmaceutical,” the staff member answered.

Derrick brought the phone back up, turned around, and respectfully reported, “President Thomas, it’s Maury Warren from Victory Pharmaceutical.”

“Alright, got it.” George directly hung up after that. Next up, George used his own authority to give Victory Pharmaceutical a warning. He had served as a butler for so many years now, he could naturally figure out what his young master was thinking. This Maury Warren from Victory Pharmaceutical must have offended the young master.

Six minutes later, Philip who was making his way to the hospital received a call from George. “Young Master, everything has been taken care of.”

“Okay. Don’t tell Wynn about this, and shut everyone else up. I don’t want to hear even a peep about it,” said Philip.

“Understood, Young Master. Low profile.” George chuckled.

After hanging up, Philip looked at the hospital building in front of him and smiled bitterly. Oh, Wynn, you keep saying that I can’t help you. I’m telling you now that I can assist you with simply one sentence. If you ever found out one day that I’ve been supporting you, how would you react?

Moving back to the Western restaurant on the sixth floor of Hilton Hotel. Maury Warren had had too much to drink and now his hands were starting to misbehave.

“Deputy Manager Johnston, you just keep eating but you won’t touch your wine. Are you looking down on me?” Maury put on a long face, his voice sounding dark.

Wynn flashed an apologetic smile and explained, “Manager Warren, you’re mistaken. I’m just unwell these few days, so I can’t drink alcohol.” This shitty fatso keeps trying to touch me, he’s so irritating!

“Hmph! Since you’ve put it that way, I don’t think there’s anything for us to talk about anymore.” Maury snorted before threatening Wynn. “Deputy Manager Johnston, you should know that not only Beacon is trying to cooperate with us. There are a lot of people begging to see me.”

At his words, Wynn frowned and looked hesitantly at the red wine on the table. “Alright then, I’ll just have one glass,” said Wynn. She took the bottle of red wine and poured herself a glass.

Maury was all smiles as he looked at Wynn. This woman was so endearing under the dim lights.

Wynn drank the whole glass at one go. “Manager Warren, will this do? Let’s talk about our collaboration…”

“Deputy Manager Johnston, don’t be in such a rush. Why don’t we talk about this slowly upstairs?” Maury Warren revealed his real agenda for the night. Soon after he spoke, he put his hand onto Wynn’s thigh and wanted to go further in!


Wynn had stood up directly and gave the man a furious slap. “Manager Warren, that’s enough!”

“You b*tch, how dare you slap me!” Maury glowered furiously and stood up. He lifted an arm and was about to slap Wynn when…

‘Ring ring ring!’

The sound of a caller tone interrupted him. He grabbed his phone as he watched Wynn leave, roaring into his phone, “Who’s this?!”

“Maury Warren! Is that how you should be speaking to me?” On the other end came a similarly enraged roar.

“President Lewis, I’m sorry, so sorry. A few promoters kept calling me just now. What do you want with me?” Maury immediately sounded like an obedient little kid. This man, President Lewis, was the chairman of Victory Pharmaceuticals, his boss! What was he calling him for? Although the man had now ruined his plans, Maury did not dare to complain.

“You’re asking me? Did you deliberately try to trouble Deputy Manager Johnston on our collaboration?” President Lewis asked, sounding exasperated. Just one moment ago, he had received a call from the wealthiest man in Riverdale City, George Thomas. The man’s words were filled with provocation. Damn it, this Maury Warren! He had the audacity to offend such a prominent figure! Was he looking for trouble?

“President Lewis, how do you know about this?” Maury was stunned. Could Wynn have told on him? But, she was only a mere deputy manager of the marketing department, it was impossible for her to be in contact with President Lewis.

“You’re even asking me this? Are you trying to get yourself fired?” President Lewis flew into a fit of rage and roared, “Our collaboration with Beacon is approved! And you better apologize to Deputy Manager Johnston immediately, in person! Without her forgiveness, don’t even think about coming back to the company. You can just scram!”


The call was ended and Maury Warren was flabbergasted! He could tell that President Lewis was really furious.

Without another word, he dashed out to chase after Wynn. “Deputy Manager Johnston, please wait!”

Maury was now behaving like an obedient child, lowering his head, bending over slightly with his hands held together to show his apology. “Deputy Manager Johnston, I’m so sorry, I was muddled earlier. I’ll sign our collaboration agreement immediately. I hope Deputy Manager Johnston can forgive me for being blinded by desire.”

Wynn was stunned. She stared at Maury in shock and confusion. “Manager Warren, do you mean it?” This was the order she had been working on for a whole month. A hundred thousand! Her commission alone was worth tens of thousands! They could finally pay Mila’s treatment fees.

In just ten minutes, Maury and Wynn signed the agreement. Everything happened so fast that Wynn still could not regain her senses.

“President Warren, you mentioned that your chairman has approved of this personally, right?” Wynn asked, feeling confused.

Maury had been giving her a flattering smile the whole time. “Yes, Deputy Manager Johnston. You should have told me that you were an acquaintance of President Lewis. We almost had a misunderstanding.”

Wynn nodded, still puzzled. How could she be acquainted with President Lewis of Victory Pharmaceutical? That must mean someone had helped her! Could it be Juan Parker? She had mentioned this to him in the morning.

I must ask him! thought Wynn. She subconsciously compared Philip and Juan in her mind and the contempt for Philip grew. Her husband was just too useless!

On the other hand, Philip was still not aware that after helping Wynn with her problem, the latter had misunderstood and thought that his rival, Juan, had helped her instead. If he found out about this, he might just vomit blood.

The next day in the afternoon, Philip got into a Bentley after leaving the hospital. He had made an appointment to meet someone with George today.

After Philip left in the car, a girl who was standing a little too far away mumbled suspiciously, “Why does that back profile look like Philip…”

Lynn Johnston was here at the hospital today to visit her cousin’s daughter. She had been unwilling to come, but her parents said that it was rude of her not to visit a Johnston family member.

However, upon reaching the hospital entrance, Lynn happened to witness Philip getting into the car. But, she assumed that her worthless cousin brother-in-law could never afford a luxurious car like a Bentley, so Lynn never gave it another thought and went into the hospital’s inpatient department.

Inside the moving Bentley, Philip asked lazily, “George, who are we meeting today? Are they troublesome?”

George answered respectfully, “Young Master, it won’t be troublesome. He’s a collector in our country, considered a friend of mine.”

“Why am I meeting your friend then?” Philip asked, instead. Good ol’ George, is this a reenactment of the brokeback mountain? You’re already at this age, and you’re still getting involved in things like this?

George was all smiles. “Young Master, this is only a small business worth a billion. You need to learn from experience so you can inherit the family fortune as soon as possible.”

This answer made Philip look up at George. A business worth a billion was a small business? He held back the urge to roast him and said, “George, do you know how the cow died?”

Oh no, after not meeting for seven years, this old thing was getting more and more pretentious. As the heir of an elite family, Philip had the misconception of being frightened.
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