Chapter 10

Philip glanced over calmly and expressionlessly.

Kyle was looking at Philip, clearly displeased. This guy seemed so normal, how could he be so calm? Interesting!

“Bro, can you pay the three hundred thousand?” Kyle was not a gangster who would just start getting physical for no apparent reason. Three hundred thousand was a humongous sum for a normal person. Kyle felt that a man like Philip could never afford this amount, but he still had to ask. Diplomacy before violence.

“I’m sorry, but he ran a red light and should take full responsibility. What’s more, we didn’t really hit each other,” said Philip calmly.

Jacob pointed at Philip and roared furiously, “Does that mean you won’t pay up?”

Philip stared quietly at him, not answering.

Kyle frowned slightly, shifting his gaze to the wrecked Harley on the ground and said, “Bro, three thousand won’t cost much. Just a leg.”

This was a threat. Philip’s gaze went cold as a glint appeared in his eyes.

As the heir to an elite family, did that three hundred thousand matter to him? It did not. But, he could not let himself be taken advantage of.

“What if I told you I don’t have any money?” Philip replied.

The group of bikers was snickering as they stared at Philip like he was an idiot.

Kyle rubbed his nose before draping an arm over Philip’s shoulder, flashing him an insolent smile. “Uncle, do you know who I am? I’m Kyle Lyon of Lord North Street. Everyone shows me respect by calling me ‘Brother Kyle’. It would be unreasonable if you didn’t compensate for a single thing today.”

Kyle was amused. It was his first time meeting such a foolish guy. Was his head made of iron? Or did he think he was a honey badger? Hilarious!

“Brother Kyle, just one look at his outfit, and you can tell that he’s broke.”

“This idiot might not even know what a Harley is, hahaha!”

“Uncle, quickly call someone to bring you some money. Our Brother Kyle doesn’t hold back in a beating.” The group of bikers jeered continuously. The girls crossed their arms with an indignant expression while the guys leaned against their bikes, smoking.

Lynn was among the group, watching coldly. She leaned against one of the girls who was wearing tight leather pants and a cropped camisole.

“He’s my cousin brother-in-law, a wretched piece of trash living under my cousin sister’s expenses.” Lynn suddenly interrupted, saying this like it made her seem more superior.

“Shit, a kept man! Uncle, you have quite the skills. Why don’t you teach us?” A few of the bikers started cracking up again.

Kyle stifled a laugh and shook his head. He scorned men who relied on women the most. “So, what is your decision, Uncle?” asked Kyle. He smirked and was ready to get physical.

Philip remained silent without saying a word. A mental calculation told him that it was about time.

All of a sudden, Philip’s pupils contracted as he saw a great number of red-colored scooters speeding over from afar!

“Why are there so many delivery men?” Without knowing who shouted, everyone turned to look.

The sight of red scooters, red helmets, and red vests filled their eyes. It was not just ten units. The whole crossroad was filled with the red delivery service fleet! There were almost fifty units! The scooters immediately surrounded this whole area.

“Shit! What gives? They’re all cheap scooters!” yelled Jacob. He then turned to Philip and asked, “Did you call for them?”

Philip nodded. “Yeah.”

“Hahaha!” There was a burst of laughter.

“You think that calling a bunch of delivery men over would be useful?” Jacob laughed out loud as he belittled.

Kyle was too lazy even to ridicule him, only shaking his head. Was this guy really an idiot? To actually have the guts to do such an embarrassing thing. Was this a popular method nowadays? To call for delivery services to save yourself. It was hilarious.

Lynn was among the biker’s team. When she saw this scene, she could not resist laughing out loud. This cousin brother-in-law of hers was just too much. How could her cousin have fallen for such a man? He was garbage!

Just then, from among the delivery fleet, Agnes came out in a black skirt suit. Under the headlights of the scooters, she walked toward Philip.

Philip only gave her a signal with his eyes and Agnes understood. Philip had explicitly told her before that his identity was not to be revealed. This man was really low profile.

Agnes then turned around to face Kyle and his group, saying leisurely, “I am Philip’s manager. If you have a problem with him, you can talk to me.”

Kyle’s eyes scanned Agnes up and down. This woman was exquisite. She was better than the young girls around him.

“Okay, I’ll talk to you then,” Kyle answered happily. “Three hundred thousand. Once we get the money, he can leave.”

Agnes frowned slightly. She looked at the Harley on the ground and said coldly, “Sure. But, we choose to settle it with a police report.”

Police report? Kyle frowned immediately.

The police were the most troublesome existence for a biker gang. Moreover, what happened tonight was mostly Jacob’s fault. If they made a police report, he would not have it well. The most important thing was Kyle did not bring his driving license out today.

“Babe, talks don’t work this way. It’s too insincere.” Kyle’s expression darkened. The people behind him started cracking their knuckles.

However, the moment they took a step forward, the delivery men in red vests around them rolled up their sleeves furiously, ready to dole out a beating. How could they still negotiate? It was ten people versus over forty greasy grown men. There was nothing left to negotiate!

Kyle knew that this situation was not favorable for him. He gritted his teeth and said, “Fine. You win in numbers. Let’s go.” He then led his group onto their modified bikes and drove away.

While they were still in view, Kyle lifted a middle finger at Philip. Lynn had shot Philip a cold glare, despising him even more. What was he arrogant about? A shitty delivery man like him actually needed a woman to fight for his honor. Serves him right to be a kept man for the rest of his life!

After the biker gang had disappeared into the distance, Agnes finally let out a sigh of relief. She turned to ask respectfully, “Boss, are you okay?”

The crowd of brothers started chiming in to ask about his well being too.

“I’m fine, I’m fine, you guys can head back now,” said Philip.

After making sure that Philip was alright, Agnes led the team away.

This crisis went away as quickly as it came. Philip got onto his bicycle and went back to the hospital. Wynn had come to the hospital later that night and got into bed with Mila after freshening up. Philip, instead, sat on the long bench outside the ward to pass the night.


Today was the old man, Charles Johnston’s birthday. After giving it some thought, Philip decided to make a trip over. As for his birthday present, Philip had brought along the Chinese painting, that Russell had gifted to him. Russell was a famous collector within the country, so the paintings from him were definitely genuine and could fetch a high price.

However, Philip knew that whatever gift he brought, it would still be scorned upon. But he did not mind it. It was just a token of his regard.

At the entrance of Virtuous Court, the place where Wynn had said to meet up, a beautiful silhouette of a woman was standing beside the door, evidently anxious.

Wynn Johnston had especially worn a long black dress today with her hair combed up. She looked gorgeous and elegant. But, this woman was cold to Philip.

Philip walked over, lazily, and teased, “Hey, are you waiting for me?”

Wynn frowned and shot Philip a look of disdain. “Did you bring a gift for my dad?”

Philip showed her the long gift box in his hand. “Yeah, I did.”

Wynn did not even bother to look and just turned around to strut into the restaurant in her high heels. She had to beg her father for a long time before she was allowed to bring Philip along.

“Once we get inside, don’t say anything rash. A lot of my family members and my father’s friends are here today, and if they say anything about you, just bear it. You just have to remember one thing today, that is to apologize to my parents. If you can do that, I won’t divorce you,” urged Wynn.

Philip chuckled, not taking her words to heart. If the old man knew of his identity, he might have been so frightened that he would come out to receive him at the door.

Seeing Philip keep quiet, Wynn looked back and glared at him, asking sternly, “Do you understand?”

“Got it,” answered Philip.

When the two of them entered the private room, the Johnston family and Charles’s friends have already gathered. It was lively inside.

“Look who’s here, the Johnston’s great beauty.”

“Wynn, you’re late today, so you have to drink as a penalty.”

“Sister Wynn, sit with me.”

The crowd was ardently greeting Wynn and completely ignoring Philip who was following closely behind her. He regretted coming now.

Although Philip was already used to the Johnston family being cold to him, to be publicly ostracized was still upsetting.

Charles Johnston and his wife, Martha Yates, were sitting at the head of the table, talking cheerfully to the people around them. However, when they saw Philip, Charles gave a cold snort before ignoring him altogether.

This son-in-law was too much of an embarrassment. There were not only family members here today but his friends as well. If it were not for his daughter, Charles would never have let Philip take one step inside.

Just then, the door of the private room was pushed open again and a well-dressed man in a branded full suit stood at the door.

Philip had seen this man once or twice before. The man was from a wealthy family. His family had a solid background and was an influential bunch in Riverdale City. This man had also been pursuing Wynn for a long time now.
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