Chapter 11

Sigh! His wife was just too beautiful that so many people were trying to court her. It gave Philip a headache.

“Hey, Aiden’s here! Come, come, come and sit beside your Uncle Johnston.” Martha was clearly enthusiastic as she welcomed him. “Why did you have to bring gifts? You’re just too kind. Just your presence would have been enough!”

“It’s Uncle Johnston’s birthday, after all.” Aiden smiled and walked over to sit beside Charles.

At this, the crowd started shooting mocking looks at Philip. This son-in-law of the Johnston family was just too wretched. Even an outsider could sit beside Charles Johnston, but as a son-in-law, he had to sit closest to the door. This difference in treatment was just too obvious.

Martha was smiling with her eyes as she looked at Aiden like she was looking at her future son-in-law. “It’s thanks to Aiden reserving this private room that we get to dine here at Virtuous Court today.”

The crowd then looked at Aiden in adoration. To be able to reserve a private room at Virtuous Court was a member’s only privilege. And that membership required a minimum spending of one million annually! He was truly a wealthy man!

Aiden quickly waved his hand. Although he sounded modest, he could not conceal the pleased look on his face. “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s no trouble at all. Our company just earned a little more, and it is really thanks to my father that I have managed to book this room.”

He was blatantly just showing off this wealth and family background. However, no one would expose him. Instead, they ardently complimented him.

“Aiden is a competent young man.”

“Whoever gets him as a son-in-law must have great karma.”

Aiden was immediately shown great respect and admiration. Philip, who had been sitting quietly in a corner, was instead looked down upon. They were both men, but the differences were too great.

“The way I see it, if Wynn had married Aiden back then, she would’ve been a rich wife by now.”

No one knew who had said this deliberately, but the family members were now taking great pleasure in mocking Philip.

“Look at his wretched appearance, how vexing.”

“A good-for-nothing that only knows how to make deliveries!”

“I heard his daughter is a medicine junkie. She has congenital heart disease and can’t be cured.”

Those familiar words from familiar faces made Philip’s eyes turn cold, but he did not say anything. He had already gotten used to it for the past two years.

Wynn did not have it any better. Her face was burning as she sat beside her husband. She stomped furiously on Philip’s foot under the table and shot him a glare to vent her frustrations.

After being ridiculed by everyone, Philip could actually still sit there like he was fishing. His expression looked calm. Seeing as Philip did not respond, the others went back to their drinks, no longer ridiculing him as an amusement.

Just then, with a seemingly caring expression, Aiden asked, “Philip, I just happen to have a vacancy in my company. Why don’t you come over and help out? I should be able to give you six or seven thousand a month. It would definitely be better than making deliveries.”

“That’s okay. I’m doing very well with my delivery job,” said Philip calmly. If I told you that I’m the heir to the world’s largest consortium, you’d all be kneeling in front of me right now. But money is just a number.

“Forget him, he’s a lost cause,” scolded Martha before turning to look at Aiden with bright eyes. “Aiden, what about that matter I’ve asked you about before?”

Aiden immediately replied with a smile, “Aunty, you can relax, it’s been taken care of. Uncle Johnston’s collection gallery is fine.”

Charles, who had been fuming earlier, immediately perked up at this. He smiled, “Little Addy, thank you so much. Come, let’s drink.”

The two then toasted. After his drink, Aiden purposefully looked at Philip from the corner of his eyes, trying to look as arrogant as he could. His eyes then shifted longingly to Wynn. He had liked this girl for the longest time, but she had actually gone and married a piece of trash! Wynn Johnston, I will make you understand the difference between that useless Philip and me!

“Wynn, see how much Aiden cares for your father. A man like this can’t be found easily anywhere, and others can’t even begin to compare.” Martha was extremely pleased with Aiden. The man was from a wealthy family, had a business of his own, and a great network in society. If her daughter had married him, she would definitely be able to live leisurely.

Martha then shot a hateful glance at Philip.

Wynn was already dejected enough, so she could only force out an awkward smile.

Philip, however, could not care less. They could just say whatever they want.

“Charles, is it about your personal collection gallery?” Many of Charles’s friends were looking at him with envy. Collecting ancient artifacts and paintings was a norm in their little circle. However, to be able to build one’s own collection gallery was a grand matter.

When Charles saw the jealous look on his friends’ faces, he felt even more delighted and his favor for Aiden increased. At the same time, he looked down on Philip even more. He wondered why he had agreed to let Wynn marry him in the first place. But now, he must force his daughter to divorce this wretched man!

Halfway through the feast, Aiden seemed to have recalled something and ran outside. He came back with a long gift box in his hand and said to Charles, sounding like he was flaunting, “Uncle Charles, I brought you a special gift. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Everyone in the room perked their heads up, curious about what was inside Aiden’s long gift box.

Charles had had a lot to drink. He was already in a great mood about being able to start his own collection gallery, and now that Aiden was giving him a gift, it was a surprise on top of another surprise! He was ecstatic!

“Oh, Addy, look at you. You’ve reserved a room for me, prepared the gallery, and even given me a gift. It’s just too inappropriate.” While Charles seemed to be refusing the offer on the surface, he was impatient to see what was inside the box. Since Aiden had said he would like it, could it be a painting?

Aiden opened the gift box and carefully brought out a scroll of painting. He sounded pleased as he said, “It’s the painting from China’s famous Tang Bohu. I’ve spent a lot of effort to buy it from a friend to give it to Uncle Charles as a birthday gift.” Aiden then raised an eyebrow to glance cheekily at Philip, who had his head buried in his plate.

This piece of trash still has the mood to be eating at a time like this. Is this his first time at Virtuous Court?

However, in that instant, Philip felt his heart drop. Companionship on the Spring Mountains? That was the same painting that Russell Field had given him. But, Philip believed that as a famous collector in the country, Russell would not have given him a fake, so he did not plan to say anything but only push his gift box under the table to keep it hidden.

Wynn noticed Philip’s movements and asked with a frown, “What’s wrong?”

Philip shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Companionship on the Spring Mountains?” Charles was shocked, instantly sobering up. That was a treasure! There were many paintings by Tang Bohu, but only this piece, had had a lot of counterfeits on the market. It was said that this painting was bought over by a great collector within the country at a high price! The amount had easily started at around three to four hundred thousand dollars!

Charles took the painting from Aiden with great sincerity and excitement. He went over to an empty table, unreeled the painting, and borrowed a magnifying glass from the waiter to start examining it carefully.

A few of his friends crowded around him and started examining it as well.

Tsk! Tsk! How extraordinary!

“Wonderful! This painting is a fusion of the south and north drawing style. What fine brushwork and a sparse layout. The style is handsome and elegant. The figures have inherited the traditions of the Tang Dynasty in this brightly colored and elegant piece. This freehand brushwork is simple and deep. It’s no doubt a piece by Tang Bohu!”

Charles’s old pals were all collectors. After seeing this piece, they only had compliments to give.

“Wonderful, how wonderful! To be able to lay eyes on this is a miracle!”

“Charles, you’re going to be famous around the country now.”

“You have to display this painting in your upcoming gallery. We’ll definitely come over to support you, and I think all the prominent figures in Riverdale will be coming too!” The bunch of old friends was really envious.

Charles was so excited that his breathing quickened. He asked, “Addy, this is an authentic painting from Tang Bohu! You must have spent a lot on this.”

These words stunned the whole room. As the head of the four great talents in China, Tang Bohu’s authentic painting was worth a lot! Just last year in a city auction, calligraphy by Tang Bohu went up to seven hundred thousand!

“It’s not much as long as it makes you happy, Uncle Charles.” Aiden was well-mannered enough to not mention the price. But, those who understood knew that this painting would not cost less than five hundred thousand! This young man of the Grant family had spent a fortune this time!

Just then, among the crown, Lynn deliberately asked loudly, “Cousin brother-in-law, I saw you bringing something with you. Is it a gift for my uncle?”

As soon as they entered, Lynn had noticed Philip carrying a gift box. Just how much would a gift from this trash worth? When she recalled the incident last night, Lynn was furious.


In an instant, all eyes in the room were on Philip. With a mocking expression, they were ready to watch the show.

Philip smiled awkwardly. “It’s not worth much, so there’s no need to look at it.”

“I know it’s not worth anything, but since it’s a gift for Uncle, why don’t you show it? Do you think we will laugh at you?” Lynn’s eyes narrowed, unable to conceal the mockery on her face. She wanted to watch him make a fool of himself, and see just what he could afford to give!

“I don’t think there’s a need to.” Philip took a sip of water and refused.

In the public’s eye, they thought he felt guilty. That gift must be rubbish.

Aiden was already waiting for this chance to humiliate Philip, so he interrupted and said, “Philip, take it out, humor Uncle Charles. I’m interested to see what you’ve prepared as well.”

“Yeah, take it out and show us.” The crowd of people started to cause a commotion.
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