Chapter 15

Aiden, who had been looking cheery, was now in a daze. What was going on? Mr. Clarke was upset, so the gallery was not to be opened to the public. Could there be any other reason more random than this? No, he must have done something wrong.

“What’s wrong Addy, did something happen?” Charles and Martha found Aiden’s expression a little odd.

“Oh, it’s nothing, nothing at all. They’re just reporting the gallery’s situation to me.” Aiden forced out a smile then added, “Uhm, Uncle Johnston, I have some urgent matters, so I will be leaving now.” He then stood up to leave.

“Oh, Addy, is it really urgent? Won’t you be staying for dinner?” Martha followed closely behind him and saw him out the door.

“Maybe next time. Goodbye, Uncle Johnston, Aunt Martha.” Aiden hurried away. Of course, he would be in a rush. If something happened to the gallery booking, he would lose all face in front of his future father-in-law. He had to rush over to the gallery to see what was going on.

After seein
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Jacqueline Uiras
why is Philip even concealing his wealth from his wife for so long, that's stupid ...
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Geo Chris Acebedo
The author is great, but hoping i can soak myself reading,im dissapointed with coins and how it earn maybe i can suggest to take it out and let us enjoy reading more.instead of letting us earn and buy maybe i do hope for you to find more advertisements sponsors to fill in between as we can enjoy it.
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Kenny Salami
a great piece, enjoying every bit of it.

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