Chapter 8

Violen Pov

I don't know how destiny works. I've been through some difficulties in my life. As you know? I don't know what it feels like to be loved by someone. I only know what it feels like to love or fight for someone.

Daren accompanies my days now without me asking. This time there was no doubt for me. Why? Because this time, it was a Daren standing in front of me. Not the shadow.

Once again, I said, I never asked Daren to be present in my life. I didn't ask him to be close to me like this. Everything just happened, just like the universe wanted this to happen.

"Aren't you tired of looking at books every day?" said Daren, who is now sleeping on my thighs. Yeah, I don't know since when he's been like that to me. I, who was focused on reading a novel in the garden after class, was suddenly surprised by Daren's arrival, who slept directly on my thighs.

"Daren? You will make people misunderstand like this. don't sleep on my thighs? "I said, looking at Daren. his eyes were intoxicating w
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