Chapter 10

Is it true? The habit when there is a partner who just broke up. Men enjoy freedom right away without feeling heartbroken, while women enjoy heartbreak. After a while, the woman first recovers her heart, while the man who initially has fun only then feels heartbroken.

Violen was still immersed in disappointment, blaming herself for having hoped. And now she has to go through a new problem. Even though just now Violen's burden about Bryn always nibbling her away.

Daren was the trigger for Violen's current discomfort. The class was like an arid desert to Violen. One study with Daren for Violen was suffocating. Who knows how long to hold back tears when Violen meets Daren. Though usually a smile is etched beautifully every time Violen sees Daren's face. Things change so fast.

"You know, usually class is suffocating because of Bryn. And now the class is suffocating because of Daren. I don't know how to go about all this anymore," Violen protested while visiting Lesl

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