Chapter 11

'a way to move on quickly, compelling.'

My smile grew when I found a book that was not too thick, a book to be able to recover faster from a broken heart. The cover is pink mixed with black.

"So you're heartbroken, huh?" asked the cashier when I paid for the book I bought

"Hmmm, not for me," I avoided. The fat woman looked at me sharply.

"Then, for who? Your eyes are talking," she said again.

"My eyes?" I also hold my eyes

"Yeah, your eyes are swollen," she said, smiling triumphantly while I looked down sadly.

"This," I said, handing her the money. I hurriedly grabbed my book parcel.

"You can't lie to me," shouted the woman who kept the cashier, forcing me to run too quickly getaway


"Hiuffff," I threw my body roughly onto the mattress. Grabbing the book I bought earlier. For a moment, my heart trembled to read the title of the book. have I reached this stage? this pain is my unreq

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