Chapter 12

Violen POV

I already felt the pounding of Daren's breath so close. There is no need to explain a situation like this. I was fighting with my thoughts. I should be happy because Daren will kiss me, but why is there something in my heart that feels odd. Reflex I turned my face, I shook my head looking out the window

"The rain will stop, right?" I said

"Haha? Oh yeah. Yeah sure, "Daren replied awkwardly. he smiled awkwardly because of my reaction

"I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable," repeated Daren to me

"Ha? It's okay. Hey, how about we watch something while waiting for the rain to stop? "

"Of course, that's a good idea. Come here," Daren walked, and I followed him.

Luckily the awkward situation got better after we watched it. Daren also showed me a lot about himself. He has a superior room for each of his books, mostly novels with various genres.

I enjoy every single thing I do with him. As Daren said, when the r

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