Chapter 14

Violen POV

What Bryn told me was true. I mean he started greeting me in class in a friendly manner. Some of the other residents of the class are being cool, but some of them are also whispering about me.

Like today, I can't focus on listening to the lesson the lecturer explained to me. Bryn sits on my left while Daren is on my right. Can you imagine the gaze of the women in my class?

"What did the lecturer explain?" Bryn whispered to me

"you do not understand?" I asked. Bryn grinned and shook his head

"Do not chat when the lecturer explains the material," said Daren whispering to me

"Okay" I answered softly

"I'm bored, what's wrong with chatting for a while," argued Bryn

"Yeah, but you don't appreciate a lecturer explaining the material," Daren replied

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