Chapter 16

Violen POV

I gawk at what the man said. My brain thought hard to understand the sentence that came out of his mouth. Is this a TV show or something? My eyes swept around again; maybe a hidden camera or someone suddenly came and shouted PRANK.

"Violen? Violen?" repeated the man, shaking his palm in front of my eyes. As if to confirm whether I still see it or not

"Yeah?" I replied, stunned, shaking my head in confusion. Situation that I can't explain. The fear that I feel is now mixed with endless confusion. I coarsely spit my saliva down my throat, which feels even drier, especially I still feel anxious. The man is wearing a navy suit. He has a thin mustache and combed hair, even though it doesn't make his face look old; from his make-up, I think he's someone who works in a company maybe.

 "You are okay? Drink this, "said the man handing me a drink. Looks like he realized I was thirsty because my voice already sounded soft and hoarse<

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