Chapter 17

Violen POV

Newyork has welcomed the arrival of autumn. The weather is colder. I struggled with several books to copy material. It was my habit to take notes and summarize them so that it would be easier for me to take the exams later.

"So now you stay at Lesley's house?" Bryn asked me

"Yeah" I replied while copying the material from the book.

"Why?" Bryn asked again

"What do you mean? I just want to stay at my best friend's house, "I replied

"Ah, okay," Bryn replied

"Do your practice, you know we'll be a test soon" I pleaded.

"Okay, okay" Bryn replied irritably, but he was still working on the material I had shown him earlier. Ah, I just realized that I haven't seen Daren all day. Daren also didn't go to class, I thought he was late, but he didn't

"Where's Daren?" I asked Bryn

"I don't know, I'm not his bodyguard, so how do I know" Bryn replied ignorantly.

"Brynnn," I complained.


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