Chapter 19

Violen POV

I walked back and forth, thinking about Lesley, who had not yet returned home. I've called Lesley, and the answer she gave was, "yeah, I'm fine, calm down". The night sky has come, and Lesley still hasn't returned home. I was feeling guilty about leaving Lesley alone at the café.

Dringgggg ,,,, Dringggg

My cell phone rings. I hurriedly picked up the phone without looking at the screen first. Somehow I feel nervous uncertainty. My heartbeat was chaotic because of the anxiety and fear I felt

"Hello, where are you, Lesley?" I asked

"No, it's me, Daren."

"hah?" I said, surprised to see the telephone screen. And just realized that the name on the phone screen was Daren's name.

"Oh yeah, sorry," I said again.

"What is the problem? You sound panicked."

"No, I'm fine. What is wrong? Are you not feeling well anymore? "I asked

"I am fine. I'm just making sure you're okay too. "Daren said

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