Chapter 105


Quite a few gave me advice or warnings about Martin. I just listened to what my little heart said. I always pay attention to Martin every time I work. Martin is even diligent at work. Lesley also noted that so far, Martin is working according to her expectations. Martin is fast and does whatever deserves to be done.

I'm tired of my mind, Lesley is busy with work, Noah and Daliah are alive. While I heard Daren was dating a woman he had told me about. I decided to eat ice cream at a café downtown. Seeing the tiramisu ice cream with a chocolate topping made me tasteful.

"Alright, you have to make my mood go over the ice cream," I said, speaking to the Icecream that was served in front of me. one mouthful into my mouth, the taste of the ice cream is just what I expected. I closed my eyes, enjoying the cold sensation in my mouth. "Ahh, this is better," I said.

I saw some caf&

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