Chapter 107


My mind is still not calm because of the things that I feel right now, plus Martin is currently running in front of me "Martin. I beg you to stop. What's wrong with you? It's me, violen," I shouted convincingly. Martin looked back. I'm sure his eyes and mine had met each other. Still, Martin doesn't want to stop. Until Martin took me running on the edge of the residential road "I beg you to stop. I tried to find you and Cici at your house," I shouted again.

I had to stop chasing Martin cause my breath was already short, and my chest was hurting too. Suddenly, Martin also stopped and stood not far in front of me "I, I'm tired," I said with my breathlessness. I tried to step closer to Martin, but Martin walked backward. "What's wrong with you?" I protested irritably

"Get out of here right now. Hurry and go, "exclaimed Martin. I wrinkled my forehead. Martin yelled at me and asked me to l

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