Chapter 108

Noah POV

My life seems to have left me. I was living in hell when I received information that was like a nightmare to me. Someone kidnaped Violen and what upset me the most was Martin was involved in all this. I don't even know how Violen is doing now. Emotions and anxiety have been mixed up. If it weren't for Daliah, I would have killed Martin, who is now prostrate in front of me.

Daliah reminded me that Violen would not forgive me if I killed Martin. From the start, I was suspicious of this stranger's presence. Daren, Daliah, and Mira gathered in my office. I stand while pulling my hair occasionally. While Martin prostrated with both knees to support him and lowered his head wistfully

"No-fly dared to disturb my life. And you ordinary boy dare to bother my wife. Tell me, martin. Where's Violet? What did you do to my wife?" My voice snapped. I'm not used to being like this; I don't like ask

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