Chapter 2

Violen POV

My alarm sounds as usual. It always does its job, which is to wake me up every morning. I rubbed my eyes while yawning, releasing any lingering drowsiness. I stretched my whole body still on my bed.

I got up from my sleep, walked over to my bedroom window curtains, and opened them slowly. I did it so that the sunlight did not make my eyes surprised to receive it. Ahh, how beautiful this morning.

The sky was bright blue, and the clouds were beautifully painted up there. But what about my life today? I have no idea. What I know may not be as beautiful as that sky.

It's time to clean up before going to campus.

As usual, after I took a shower, I just wore a T-shirt, jeans and let my blonde hair loose as long as my waist. Usually, I tie my hair, but today I want to let them open. At least it changes my mood.

There is nothing special that I do for my face. I just put a little cream on and put a little color on my lips. This is how I style. I stared at myself in the mirror. My blue iris matches my skin color, which is entirely white. I think I'm beautiful in my way.

"Time to go," I said after sighing. I put some books I need for the day in my bag. Considering my apartment's location, which is not too far from campus, I am used to going to campus on foot.

During the trip, I will meet some people who are used to their activities in the morning.

"Nice hair, have a nice day Violen," shouted a grandmother from her porch, waving her hand.

"Thank you Ana," I replied while waving. She is just a grandmother who is used to sitting in her house, terraces to read newspapers. Every day she always greeted me when she passed her house.

"You changed your hairstyle?" asked Sonya when she passed me.

"Ah no, I did not tie my hair today," I replied, smiling reluctantly.

"It looks good on you. Right, Buddy?" Sonya replied glancing at her pet dog

"Ough buddy, you look healthier." I rubbed the buddy, spoiled head.

"Thanks violen. I'll see you again," said Sonya and went back to take the dog for a walk in the morning.

I look like everyone knows it, right? It's only because I often pass this way. especially this environment where I live, I'm just trying to be friendly to those who want to talk to me

"You want a muffin today violen?"

"Of course Daliah, give me two. I haven't had breakfast today," I replied, smiling and waiting for Daliah, a ten-year-old girl, to wrap up my breakfast. To me, Daliah is perfect, even though it has flaws. Her legs were paralyzed, and all that helped her walk was her wheelchair.

But she has an extraordinary zeal for life. She accompanied her mother, who opened a small shop in front of her house. I always visit here if I don't have breakfast.

"Sweety, I will give you a bonus," said Dalish's mother, who had just come with another cake.


"It's because you look different today, you look beautiful with hair like that"

"Thank you," I replied, smiling happily.

"Have a nice day violen," said Daliah giving my muffin package. I returned his words with a warm smile.

I blustered at this compliment. I stroked my hair. Is it true that I look beautiful when I wear my hair? Only a few steps away to reach my campus.

I also decided to look in the mirror for a moment in a parked car. I saw myself in the mirror. Unconsciously I smiled while smoothing my hair.

The next second, someone rolled down the windshield, making me startled beyond play. I thought no one was in the car. My eyes were perfectly rounded when the man who was in the car now smiled mockingly.

"Oh shitt. Brynn? "I said irritably.

"What are you doing bitch? You think by wearing your hair like that you look beautiful. You look like a jerk, hahahahahah," Bryn sneered at me. He laughed out loud with the woman next to him.

I looked down silently, ashamed to receive such words. Bryn opened the car door without asking me to step aside, it made the car door nudge me, and I couldn't help it, I fell on my seat.

"Awww" cried me because I felt the pain in my ass.

"You're the ugly," Bryn sneered again, looking at me sarcastically. He then left me. I thought today would be different. It turns out that the days I go through are always the same. I got up, looking for something in my bag. I took my black hair tie and tied my hair back. I don't want to receive ridicule more than this anymore. After tidying myself up, I steadily stepped my feet towards the campus.


The same atmosphere, amidst the crowd of students passing by on campus, I feel lonely. The habit that I always do is walking while lowering my head. Whereas before, I walked with confidence. Is this easy for me to hurt mentally?

I only occasionally glanced around me. I always ignore anyone who makes eye contact with me. I feel like everyone will make fun of me. My footsteps stopped when I caught my eye.

I saw two women who were sitting in a post. Behind their seats, there was a banner displaying the words "novel writing competition." My eyes sparkled at that. for a moment, I forgot the anxiety I felt. My footsteps quickly walked towards the two women.

"Hhh hhaii hi?" I said stiffly

"Oh hi?" answered one of them kindly.

"I'm Laila, and this is Nadin, you want to register for the race?" she continued in a friendly voice.

"Yeah, can I register?" I asked nervously

"Sure, tell me your name and the major you took."

"Violen, faculty of literature," I replied briefly.

"Your name is Violen? Is it true?" said the woman I know named Nadin. She seemed surprised to hear my name. Ah, of course, I am known, am I not famous for being bullied a lot.

"Yeah," I replied, lowering my head.

"Oh my God, I never thought I could talk to you like this. you know? I really like your madding writing."

Hearing that statement, I lifted my head, looked at Nadin with astonished eyes. Is it true that she likes my writing? Indeed, I was chosen by one of the lecturers to make a publication on Madding's hands.

"You, you know me?"

"Yeah, I mean I know you because of the madding writing you made. I like your writing style, I like the grammar you use."

"Thank you," I said.

"Okay, will you talk to me sometime?"

"hah?" I answered confused

"Why? are you busy? "

"No Nadin, of course I want. Okay then I'll go to class first."

"Oh okay, before that you have to fill out this form," said Laila

"hah?" I'm confused again

"For the competition," Laila responded with a smile.

I took a deep breath and gave them a thin smile line on my face. My behavior like this is not really what I want. Maybe because I never chat with other people in the campus environment.


"Hiiufff" sigh of relief when I entered the classroom. Bryn chose indifferent even though he saw me tie my hair back. The negative thoughts I imagined, how about trying my hair ago, will only make Bryn ridicule me even more.

Why is Bryn doing this to me?

Maybe mocking me was a pleasure for him. Bryn and I went to high school together. He's been wrapping me a long time ago. At first, maybe it was just trial and error, but I felt that Bryn was making me an outlet over time. He's having fun making fun of me. And I? It can only be silent.

I once ventured to ask him why I should be the target of his bullies. The answer I heard at the time was 'because I just wanted to.' After that Bryn increasingly bothered me

I know this sucks, shaping my mentality to be cowardly. But maybe so far I'm used to it. It was as if Bryn's bullying had become a habit that would not disappear from my life.

I sat comfortably in my chair, sweeping the classroom with my eyes, looking for a figure that would make my mood better. That fast, my heart was at peace when I saw Daren sitting on his desk. He closed his eyes while listening to music, I think. I saw him pull his headset in his ear.

"Good morning. Let's start the lecture today," said the lecturer who had been in the classroom since sometimes when he made me aware of my reverie.


Time flies, ending with a lesson that I like. Especially if it's not literature, I cleaned up the books that I had had time to keep in my desk drawer. I suddenly felt something strange. I took it out of my drawer. A piece of paper in pink color and wrapped around with glittering ribbon.

I can say it's like a letter. Again I feel bad. I've never received this thing before. I lifted my head, glanced at the state of the classroom. There is no one but myself. The class is empty.

I confirmed the thing that I thought this letter was for me. And sure enough, my name is printed on the back. My mind says, 'just ignore it,' but my heart is screaming 'just take that letter, you have to read it to make sure it's not a bad thing.'

This is the weakness of women, and they prefer to follow feelings rather than logic. Including myself at this time, my choice fell to read the letter. I closed my eyes when unfolding the message, and then slowly, I began to open my eyes even though I was hesitant.

"Hi violen. It's me Daren "that's the initial sentence I saw in the letter. I managed to make half my life float somewhere. Is it true that Daren sent me the letter ????

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