Chapter 5

Violen POV

I thank the luck that came to me at this time. For the first time, I felt that the night went by very slowly. I'm not just waiting for the sun to replace the moon. And this day finally came. I gave Lesley trouble choosing clothes for me. I decide not to tie my hair. I even put a little makeup on my face.

You must have known why I did all this, right ?. It's because, for me, this is a day when my sweet dream is like a reality. Daren wants to take me to lunch at Cafe Lesley. Is it true that a story will end happily? Yeah, I'm delighted right now.

 "Violen, You welcome the morning this happy ?" Lesley looked at me with a smile

"I want to appreciate this important day. at least I will feel the taste of lunch with him Lesley "I replied enthusiastically

"I hope you have a pleasant day."

"Ough thanks, Sweety. I'm going to college first. And I'll see you at the cafe this afternoon, okay," I left Lesley and walked towards the campus with enthusiasm.

As usual, I will run into people living in my neighborhood. They praise me this time because my face looks brighter and brighter. When they ask what makes me happy, I say my lucky day is coming.

I feel relieved because the things that I thought were just wishful thinking, but now the time seems to be answering, maybe my waiting is time to end. I do not expect more like Daren confesses his feelings to me, or Daren also has a love for me, or maybe Daren wants me to be his lover.

Why don't I have high hopes? As you know. I still think that I am not the right woman for Daren. I'm not the best. Being close to Daren like this already makes me happy. But I can't lie to my little heart. There is still a part of my heart that wants Daren to be my lover. It's just, never minds. Let time run its course.

I don't know since when I feel confident in entering my class. When I arrived, the other students were seen busy talking about something. I'm not sure the topic of their conversation, maybe just an empty story with fellow friends. I sat on my chair, and the next second, my eyes circled the classroom looking for him. Of course, Daren.

I found Daren sitting at the table with his friends. Jasmin is there too. My heart rustled a little. Why is Jasmine from the class next door sitting here? Yeah I know, it's not strange for a Jasmine to be close to other students despite different classes

She is famous for her singing ability. Her distinctive voice made her quickly recognized. Moreover, she always looks fashionable, and her beauty instantly makes her a celebrity soon. Many men admire it.

For a long time, I looked at Daren and his friends, hoping he would notice me. But it's in vain. Daren looks comfortable joking around with his friends, including Jasmine. Apart from the slight anxiety I felt, nothing could cover my happiness at having lunch with Daren. I  try to think positively, maybe Daren did not realize my arrival to the class.

The time that felt like a long time finally passed, I was busy tidying up my book until I didn't realize it when I lifted my head to see the surroundings, Daren was no longer in class. Maybe he already went to the café first.

Before going to the café, I decided to go to the toilet first. At least to look in the mirror to see my appearance, I took a breath and then exhaled, again I took a breath and then exhaled. I did this several times in front of the mirror. I try to make myself as calm as possible.

"We'll see the game he will do, hahaha this will definitely be very interesting", said two women chatting into the toilet. The two of them stood beside me to reflect. I think they're here too to fix their makeup.

"You're right, hahaha how embarrassed she is" replied the other woman, unlike the first woman who wore a mini skirt. This woman is seen with a more tomboyish style.

"Hey, you violen?" asked the woman who wore a miniskirt when she realized my presence.

"Yeah, do you know me?" I asked in surprise

"Oh of course I know you. You will have real happiness today right?" she replied, even though I don't understand what that woman means. I can only nod and choose to leave. I don't want to waste time serving them.

My next footsteps are towards to Cafe Lesley. The seconds that sounded from my watch represented my wild beating heart. Imagining what would happen next made me smile to myself. I ignored the people who might now look at me as odd.

When I got to the front of the café, I stopped my steps and stood for a moment to sigh in relief. I haven't had time to step into the café, my cell phone rings. I saw Lesley's name on the screen. Didn't Lesley know that I was going to have lunch with Daren at the cafe?

"Hey, what's wrong?" I said picking up the phone

"Hmm, where are you?"

"In front of your cafe. Is Daren there? "I asked enthusiastically.

"Hmm yeah. He's here. But,"

"What? He looks sick waiting for me. Okay, I'll go in there soon, "I said anxiously.

"Violen, I mean," Lesley interrupted. I decided to turn off the handphone calls. I rushed into the cafe. When I made it into the café, I swept around the café with my eyes.

Yeah, I saw Lesley standing beside the cashier, she seemed to be smiling thinly at me. Quite busy visiting the café at that time. I was also a little stunned when I saw Bryn and his friends in the room's corner. But I didn't care, because my eyes also saw Daren, who was sitting alone. I'm sure he's been waiting for me.

"Daren?" I said to Daren. I stood right in front of Daren, who is now sitting staring at me.

"Have you been waiting long?" I asked. I immediately sat in front of Daren on the table. I saw that there were already two pieces of food served, as well as drinking.

"Have you ordered in advance? I'm sorry if you wait too long "I said again, looking at Daren. Look now. I sit in front of Daren in one table Daren was still staring at me in silence. He frowned, his expression immensely confused me.

"Hey? What's wrong? Are you mad because I came late? "I asked, looking at Daren with a look of regret.

"Violen? You, are you talking to me? "Daren asked me.

"Yeah sure. I talked to you. Who else. Didn't we promise to have lunch together? "

"What? When? I mean, really? But I never told you to have lunch together. Maybe I'm not the person you mean, "said Daren softly. I'm stunned. I was silent. My eyes glanced back at the surroundings. And at that time, I just realized that all the café visitors, who are some students from my campus, are now looking at me. As if I was a spectacle

"Hahahahahah that bitch. What are you doing? sHe pretends to know Daren "shouted Bryn standing over to my desk and Daren. My chest already feels tight. My tears have gathered to form a dam. I'm still silent; my mind and heart are fighting. Am I caught in the wrong situation

"Hey guys, Violin Swan likes a Daren. she acts like a very charming woman and offers herself first to Daren," Bryn shouted. At the same time, my gaze has become blank. From a distance, I saw Lesley, who was getting ready to approach me. But my eyes gave a signal for her not to help me. It will only hurt me more.

"Baby? There was a problem with the toilet, it took me a long time there. Oh, what is this? why are you sitting on my bench?" asked a woman. I slowly saw the woman who asked me. Ah, that's Jasmine. I glanced back at the food on the table. I thought back to my words that confidently said that the food was ordered Daren for me. But as it turned out, it was food for Jasmine.

Can you imagine the embarrassment I feel right now?

"Jasmine, you don't know her. She is violent. An ugly woman who likes your lover. sHe's really crazy about Daren. I think she was drunk because she came over to Daren and said Daren wanted to have lunch with her. Are you kidding strange woman?" shouted Bryn even louder.

That's when the laughter of all the café visitors filled my head. Their voices echoed until they broke my heart. I regret my stupidity. I regret myself. And I am very aware that the mastermind of all this is the one who wants to hurt me like this. of course, Bryn.

"Hey, why are you silent? Ouch, poor violen. Daren turned you down? Hey, you guys gotta take photos and make the violen famous on our campus." Bryn shouted back

"Stop it, bro," said Daren. I heard Daren's voice faintly. But it was overpowered by the laughter and ridicule from the café patrons.

"Stop Bryn, you're acting like a woman," Lesley shouted.

"What? I don't care. At least I still have some shame," argued Bryn. Exact words to tease me.

"Are you satisfied?" I said without looking at Bryn

"What? Who are you talking to? "

"Are you satisfied ha?" I snapped. I got up from my seat. Gaze at Bryn sharply.

"Ohhh you dare yell at me huh?"

"I know. I know you did all this to me. I know you sent me that letter claiming to be Daren. you make me believe in you You made me come to this place embarrassing myself. Are you satisfied now? "I snapped while shouting.

"What? Guys, I think Violen has completely lost her mind, hahaha "Bryn replied, still mocking me.

"Oh yeah, I lost my mind. I'm totally crazy. What's wrong huh? Yes, I like him. I like perfect Daren. Who are you?. Who are you to say that I don't deserve to like someone huh? Are you satisfied now? Are you satisfied huh? "I reveal everything with my eyes. Right. My tears have flowed profusely. I can't help but be disappointed that I feel right now.

"Oh, of course. Why don't you deserve it? Because you do not deserve "Bryn replied without feeling guilty

"You are lowly," I said and was about to leave the café

"Hey bitch, then you chasing Daren. What if you just become a flirt? I will introduce you to rich men." Back Bryn taunted me.

"BBbrrrakkkk" sounds a pretty loud voice. All the café visitors screamed in surprise. I turned my body to see what happened. I saw Bryn fall. The plates on the table dropped on the floor.

"Fuck, why did you hit me?" snapped Bryn. And at that time, Daren returned to punch Bryn right in the cheekbone. One hit with vigor. Bryn screamed in pain now. I closed my mouth in shock. Daren looked at me, our eyes meeting each other. But my lips went out to speak. Somehow I just kept quiet and chose to go out of the café. I ignore the incident I just saw. I mean, why did Daren punch Bryn like that? Is he defending me? But what about my shame right now?

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