Kyla's POV

I roll and roll on my bed while thinking of Helix,

Ugh! Why is Helix so cute? I can't forget about him, should I call him? I miss her voice even his presence so annoying!

Ugh! So I fell off the bed, my head was aching, I bumped into the floor, argh!

Oh my gosh! My forehead got swelling?

Oh, well, I'll call Helix so I can sleep. This is so annoying!

I took my cellphone that was placed on the table just beside me and I dialed the number of Helix and waited for him to answer my call,

Helix, answer it! Oh my! It's already midnight and I'm still awake thinking of you sweetheart, so pay me, sing for me!


"Hello Kyla?" Helix said from the phone,

′′Helix sweetheart, oh! Please sing for me. I can't sleep thinking of you. Sorry I called at this time I was looking for your presence."I answered to him,

′′Hahaha you know I don't have tale
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