"Let me go, Regan!" I shouted at him,

"Let me go! Do you guys think I don't know him? Well, you are mistaken!" I stood up to tell Regan, I looked her eye to eye while he was calm standing where he was standing.

"Why are you doing this? If your friend Helix knows this, he will be mad at you, do you know that?" I shouted out to him

"You know Regan this is not right what are you doing? Let me go! What did I do to you to make me like this?" I told him,

"Honestly Kyla! I'm not just chasing money for you! Because you stole even Helix from me!" He's annoyed to tell me, but my mind is more in trouble.

"What do you mean Regan?" I seriously ask him,

"You heard what I said Kyla! I won't just chase your family's treasure, including Helix!" He shout out to me,

"Yes what you think is right, I'm bisexual! And I really want Helix to be with me but we can't be because he doesn't want me! I warned him not to fall for you but
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