Shameless Regan! What did she do to Kyla why did she have to make a show? This is not a good joke I need to go see Kyla at the hideout! Ugh!

I dressed up quickly and brought the needs to be brought. Then I immediately went outside the house and got inside the car and executed.

I fastly drive my car.

I don't trust Regan! He will hurt Kyla! This is my fault! Why I hide the truth, that's why Kyla is involved. I'm sure uncle and aunt are worried about her I need to bring him home before Kyla is completely away from me.

I turn to the right, it's just am! I can see the beautiful nature.

While I was driving I felt a little hungry so I drank water. I don't know but why am I nervous? I hope Kyla is just fine. I can't handle it when something bad happens to her, I can't forgive myself if Kyla gets in trouble again because of my negligence!

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