Helix POV

I reached Kyla's house, I just went straight to their gate and closed it again. I walked into their house and knocked three times on their doorstep.

Auntie? Uncle? Are you there? As my calling was so strong I heard it panicked to their doorstep and opened me.

What you can see in Kyla's mother's eyes is red also in uncle. I don't know how to start but I need to speak up and say what I'm doing.

"Oh my child! Help us, we don't know what's happening to our child. We don't know where Kyla is! I am begging Helix help us!" That's Kyla's mother told me with a mixture of crying and weak voice. I understand her I know she's hurting and suffering so much with Kyla's loss I can't blame her why she's like this now.

"Helix let's just talk inside, come in!" Uncle Kyvin added and helped Aunt Shella,

I followed them and because I was the last one who get inside I'm the one who close the door. I followed them to their living room,
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