Regan's POV

This is it! Helix we'll totally be mine! Hahaha.

′′Sleep here now?" I told Helix, as if he is seducing.

′′Yeah okay, can you lend me some clothes? I will just take a bath so that I'll feel fresh later." he replied to me while I was hugging him. Oh my gosh! We'll sleep next to each other!

I stood up and looked for her clothes in my cabinet. I wonder what would suit him? Should I lend her a fitted boxer and also a shirt? I hate to imagine this, ugh! But this makes me feel so hot that I really wanted now to make a bed scene.

′′Helix? Is the shirt and boxer okay with you?" I said looking in his direction in the bed.

′′Of course not! Seriously? I mean sorry, I was just shocked! I just want a formal, we will go out later hahaha. Shame on your assistants when they see me wearing boxer and shirt." he stood in his seat while I asked the answer.

′′You have a
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Anne Mattiuzzo
Sorry won't pay for a book that is so poorly written. The grammar is atrocious

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