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Authors Note:

Some of the scenes are not suitable for young readers. Read at your own risk. Sorry for all the unpleasant words written in this book, please avoid following this behaviors. I'll be editing this. This story is not already finish.


Kyla's P.O.V.

I've been planting flowers in the yard all day and I'm happy doing it while singing.

I am Kyla Myline Valdeo, I'm already 22 years old and no regular job yet so I'm not that busy.

Lovelife? No, thanks, I'm contented with my love, Marshall.

Marshall is my teddybear I got when I was a child. I grew up in the orphanage without recognizing who are my real parents, and now, I'm a fully grown up adult. Those who took care of me, have a big trust that I can be independent in life so they allowed me to live alone outside the orphanage but I'm still going back to the place where I grew up because I miss the people there.

Sometimes I wonder, why is it like that? I was immediately orphaned by the hands of unknown people but stand as my parents. I didn't regret, that what happened, what i just mind is what causes my real parents to orphaned me at a young age?

And while I'm in the middle of thinking that.

′′Damn!" I cut off the roots I planted while digging the ground, I don't know what that even meant but maybe my parents didn't mean to lose connection with me maybe they have a reason why that happened to me. I just let it be and planted the last flower. May it bear a beautiful and healthy flower as I smile out of the yard.

I felt hungry so I looked at the clock, it's already 5:30 pm. I'm going to cook for what I'm going to eat tonight. But before I served completely, I prepared myself first. I took a bath first and went out of my house to buy in the store.


I'm currently walking on a rocky road out of my place. It's a bit distant to the stores and there aren't many lights in my way.

It's night time and I hurriedly went to the store to buy a viant because I ran out of supply and I'm short on money because I don't have a regular job yet so I can't buy groceries and my personal belongings.

′′Ale, good evening! Can I buy two eggs and magic sarap? Just put it in plastic." I told the old lady,

′′ Here, daughter! So all twenty pesos." She told me,

′′ Here it is! Thank you so much aling Selma." As I hand her the money.

On my way home walking on a dark road,

′′Shit, I ran out of battery. It's too dark here. Arrgh! How unlucky I am? I don't have a flashlight anymore."

In the distance I saw two men talking, with three black vehicles and personnel surrounding them, it reflected them in the lights of their vehicles.

I got goosebumps for no reason, but I still looked at what was happening, and I saw them overtaken a briefcase and it contained a lot of money. But not only that I see them overtaken money but also weapons, I easily hurry my walk and had a shortcut so I could go home immediately but I failed.

I saw something dead on my way, I panicked. It was bloody and flies are everywhere. I dropped what I've bought because nervousness.

I was just covering my mouth to avoid myself from yelling. I walk backwards but while I was walking backward from the dead body. I saw a big dog behind me, and I was shock. So I screamed and easily ran away from the dog.

Shit! They saw me!

′′ Wait someone see us, chase it." I heard a guy say, so I ran fast as I could but unexpectedly,

′′ Let me go I'm going home!" While they're holding me tightly,

′′ What the heck?" Their boss is a jerk. I saw him looking intently at my body and then, secretly smiling.

′′ You won't leave! And we won't let you go! Put her on the car we'll bring that girl, Helix and I will talk about what to do in this girl." While looking me in the face.

′′ What the hell! Let me go!" I'm mad at this jerks while pulling me into the van. Shit! I'm about to be kidnapped! I am already tied, I couldn't resist anymore.

′′Shut the fvck your goddamn mouth, woman. My ears will bleed by your ugly voice." A bit of shout out with a mix of cold words said by the other boss. I terribly shrink backed, but it won't prevent to have a bad look on him.

′′If I get out of here, you all fall in the jail. You are all Jerks!." I shouted and coldly sneered as he step forward, and forcedly held my jaw. Fuck, my jaw hurts! Merciless!

′′ Do you think you'll get away from us? Oh! 'come on you don't know us, listen woman. If you behave, we have nothing wrong to do to you but if you'll break the rules, just be ready for your consequences! Let's just be patient." And he coldly smirked at me before he went inside his car.

′′ Hey! Whoever you are bosses, the police will catch you, I will get out of here tsk." I shouted while leaving, and my body is shaking in fear.

"I will truly get out of here" I cried because I don't know what will happen next.

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Anne Mattiuzzo
English and grammar need some serious work. Too had to follow with the errors all over the place. Is English your second language? If so Please ask someone to proof read the story

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