I went out and did what he ordered. I might die in no time, hayst!

I wore the apron hanging and opened the fridge. I look at what I could cook while he was sitting on the counter and checking me to cook. Oh! Doesn't this feel uncomfortable? I took the pork out of the fridge. It's frozen so I boiled water first.

I also see that he has a lot of vegetables. So I thought to cook him a pork pochero.

After boiling the pork I immediately sliced every ingredient and put it in the saucepan.

While I was enjoying cooking. Sir Helix was also happy looking at his phone. Is he watching porn?

"Hey! What's that look? Are you trying to poison me?" I didn't notice that he was already looking at me.

"No sir, I am just cooking." I answered.

I finish my dish and cooked two cups of rice.

When I finished doing everything. I prepared it on the spot where Helix was. I left this for a while and fix all my scattered kitchen tools. When I come back...

′′Have you gone culinary? You're good in cooking." It's reconciled to me. And sat next to him but there was a gap chair.

′′No." While chewing my food.

′′Tell me about yourself." I look at him and my eyebrows raised. He look into my eyes and also, me. Why is he interested?

′′Hey, speak." He breaks the silence.

′′Why?" I replied to this.

′′Speak or else..." Is this guy really fond of threatening? Geez, is he blackmailing me? Oh well! I'm also wondering about myself.

′′Okay fine! Nothing exciting in my life. I was awakened to an orphanage and I grew up there. The sisters saw someone who left me outside the orphanage and they saw my name on a piece of paper. Oh, right? I told you! Not exciting right?"

′′So what's your name?" A question again? Does he really need to know my real name? I'm fine with the slave. I've been annoyed for a while now, it's really nice to hit this guy.

"Hey why are you not speaking?" He said.

′′Kyla Myline Valdeo, okay SIR? I'm going to wash the dishes SIR" I emphasize the word Sir, for he to know that I got irritated.

′′Tsk! That girl is mysterious, who is she? I heard her last name, would she be...? No, haha impossible."

I don't know where to go after washing the dishes. I decided to go upstairs and go inside Helix's room. Oh he just took a bath. I saw him wiping his hair while standing, watching himself in front of the mirror. I avoided looking at him and knocked three times on his door.

′′Sir! Excuse me, what else to do?" I pretend because I don't know what to do in the middle of the night.

′′Get inside." He said. It's his room right? What's his plan?

′′Dress up first sir! Call me sir, if you're done." I shouted and hurriedly go downstairs to the living room. This will give me a heart attack! What did I enter? Pornjob? I'm not a prostitute, I'm still a virgin.

′′Hey, get inside." He coldly said. I went upstairs and opened the door briefly.

"What are you doing?" He ask while entering his room.

"Nothing Sir! That's why I asked you what else to do." My eyebrows raised after saying that.

′′Follow me." He response. He's so annoying, can't he talk long? While thinking, I just followed him.

"You sleep here. Here's your task everytime I'm here at home and if I'm not here, there's nothing you will do. Rest now." This happens again. Is he vassals of the devil? Why do he act like an angel?

"Thank you." I smile while he's leaving the room.

The room is big, the bed is soft and there is a bathroom.

I took a glance to the piece of paper I put on the table beside my bed and walk slowly towards it. I read it silently.

"You should take care of yourself! I'll ask my secretary tomorrow what's the girl necessities, so you can change whatever you want."

Here's your task:

• You should always clean the house if I'm around.

• You only cook for me not on my guards!

• You only talk to me. Don't talk to anyone, only me. And you won't get attached on the guards!

• You only do your job if I'm around but if I'm not you should stay at your room. Understood?

No salary placed? This is a job, so there should be a salary. I went to his room to ask about my salary.

This would help me to get out of here. So I'll save the money he gives.

"Sir? Are you there?" I ask while my head is leaning on the doorstep. Why so silent? I put my head closer to the door. It's a bit open and my eyes slipped into his body. Yay!

"What do you want?" He said strictly.

"Sir about the money? I don't see any salary here sir." I said.

"Nothing at all! You will escape me?"

"Oh! No sir ah!" I denied. How did he know what I thought?

"I won't give you any money. I'll be the one to buy your needs, you're not allowed to get out." He said in a cold tone. I feel like I got into it! Suddenly scary.

"Okay sir, I'll go back in my room." I response. Do I really have nothing to do?

I entered and close the door. I went to bed and lay down. I'm thinking about my life here. There's nothing will loss on me. But what will happen to me if I stayed long here? My eyes slowly closing while my tears dropped alone and fell asleep.

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