While we are entering a large house. Is it even a house? It's so elegant, it looks like a mansion with a sophisticated people living in it and they're wearing flashy dresses. In a distance some people are looking at me and scanning me.

"Jealous? I'm so beautiful huh?"

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Fidalgo,"

"Welcome Maam and Sir,"

"Enjoy the night Maam and Sir,"

Greet to us by the guards. What am I doing here in the first place? Why me and Mrs. Fidalgo is here? There's something fishy in here. I'm still following my fucking boss.

"Hey! Helix, where here!" a man with a familiar face call him. Right! He's the Regan, Helix is talking about. He's the fucking boss who ordered his subordinate to slap me. Why he's here? And what am I doing here? While I'm thinking we are walking towards the table of the fucking Regan.

"So she is your wife? I'm not wrong into thinking that you'll bring her then." He said while laughing. Acting like a rich noble man when he's a real jerk psh . And what did he say wife? I'm a slave of helix not his wife. Haist!

"Yes she is my wife. Kyla Myline V. Fidalgo." he answered and it shocked me, I look into his eyes like "Why did you say it? We're not even in a relationship? Then I become your wife? I'm your slave right? Did you forget?"

"Yes wife?" He asked without even hesitating? Am I the only one here who doesn't know that this jerk is my husband?

"None, " With a faked smile I respond.

And I sat beside a man and Helix sit beside me. I feel like the man is looking at my smooth back so I felt uneasy. I held the hand of Helix so tight so that he can atleast feel that I'm uncomfortable.

"Any problem?" he said in a low voice

"None." I answered.

When the program starts. The emcee also start introducing but I'm still confused of what's happening.

"Let us welcome are most successful Mafia boss in our country and his first ever woman in his life, Mr. and Mrs. Fidalgo around of applause please."

And he helped me to get up,

"You should smile a little bit for us to not get shamed." Helix whispered. I just obey and soon we sit again. I got curious , 'Mafia boss? Isn't that criminals? Does that mean that helix is a criminal? And what did the emcee mean about first ever woman in his life? Does it mean that I'm that girl? But this is just an act so I don't need to be bothered about it' I said to myself.

"Let us start the party!" said by the emcce who's been talking for an hour and announced just now.

"Hungry?" He asked coldly.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" I said.

"Okey then I'll take you there." He answered.

"Huh? No need! I can just ask" I said trying to convince him.

"No, you'll escape ." He said again.

Fuck! I just want to use the bathroom then escape? His mindset, the heck? And why? Will he kill me if I do it? Haist. Why am I guarded anyway. At the end I just agreed for the fight to stop.

I look at myself in the mirror of the bathroom. I can't think of anything to escape. I'm now in the hands of a mafia boss and one wrong move I can be killed easily. I was so scared of any possibilities of me being dead and it's evident on my eyes.

I got out from the bathroom and Helix is still there waiting. As he did before, he put my hand in his arms to support me but unexpectedly I was tripped while Helix continued to hold me, his hands were placed on my waist now. I would have taken off the heels he put on me when he spoke.

"Just stay still. We'll go home later ."

I just nodded as a response . We got back on our table and Helix tell me to eat. While he's talking to different people and there's only one thing that they're the same, they are all wealthy and rich.

They're all the same. Heartless! I thought while still chewing my food. I have no one beside me even after I finished eating. I felt a little cold because of the aircon blow and my clothes were too open. When suddenly someone sit beside me.

"Hi." Someone said, well he's so presentable. Owe he has an angelic face.

"Hello." I respond , while the man is getting nearer to me.

"Hey don't you dare flirt on my future wife." A familiar voice said. I'm right it's Helix. Really? Is he concern or just acting? Aish! And the man left.

"He did nothing wrong. Why are you like this?" My eyebrows are arched when I ask him.

"I'm sorry. He's getting closer to you! And even touching you." He strictly said. Tsk we're just acting right? Why is he mad?

The program ended and everyone prepared to go home.

"Have you enjoy?" Helix asked. Why do you care?

"Yeah." I said.

We already got out and I'm waiting for Helix. He talked to someone first before walking towards me. Suddenly a van stopped in front of me and abducted me. I could not move because their hands were so strong and I was scared, one wrong move and they might kill me. I don't know if Helix saw that, if he will save me or I'll die? It happened again the time when Helix and I first met. The only thing that changed was a new person who abducted me.

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