I went out and did what he ordered. I might die in no time, hayst!

I wore the apron hanging and opened the fridge. I look at what I could cook while he was sitting on the counter and checking me to cook. Oh! Doesn't this feel uncomfortable? I took the pork out of the fridge. It's frozen so I boiled water first.

I also see that he has a lot of vegetables. So I thought to cook him a pork pochero.

After boiling the pork I immediately sliced every ingredient and put it in the saucepan.

While I was enjoying cooking. Sir Helix was also happy looking at his phone. Is he watching porn?

"Hey! What's that look? Are you trying to poison me?" I didn't notice that he was already looking at me.

"No sir, I am just cooking." I answered.

I finish my dish and cooked two cups of rice.

When I finished doing everything. I prepared it on the spot where Helix was. I left this for a while and fix all my scattered
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Anne Mattiuzzo
seriously grammar is an issue. Several sentences make no sense whatsoever

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