When I got to his company, I immediately went in and searched for his office, but because of its enormous size, I do not know if where is it exactly. I was expecting to see his secretary and I did, I asked her.

"Hi." I greeted

"Hello ma'am. Do you need something, ma'am? 

"Is there anything I can do to you, ma'am? " she asked me smiling

"Umm I was just wondering where can I find Helix's office?" I asked, slightly embarrassed.

"Yes maam, over there. Want me to accompany you there ma'am? "

And she pointed to Helix's office.

"Oh! No really, thanks Helen, I can handle it and besides you still have works to do. I might disturb you haha. Thanks again!" I said

"Haha no problem ma'am. As long as it's you, ma'am!" she responds, smiling. I went to Helix's office quickly.

It looks very quiet, I think he's not here yet. 

So take my sit on the couch as I waited. He took so long and I got bored so
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