Kyla and I turn our gazed into someone who is clapping his hand while walking towards our direction. His face seems familiar thats why I smiled at him.

"What's up Helix?" Regan said, hes the familiar man I've been talking about earlier and he's a man that has a big dream. He dreamt of taking away the virginity of a girl he has. He was with me when I met Kyla.

"Eyy sweetheart wait for me at the office, I will just talk to Regan for a minute" I said as I peck her forehead and hug her.

"Sure I will wait for you there" she answered.

After that she immediately leave. I'm glad she now regained her memories.

"Eyy! Regan would you like to celebrate with me after I send Kyla in their house?" I said while putting my hands upward for a high five.

"Sure! You're good at pretending dude! You really got her all this time" he answered while laughing.

"Haha she's easy, I thought I will be hopeless! I thought she will n
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