Regan's POV

I opened my phone because it's ringing so I answer it.


"Hello sir?"

"Oh are y'all ready in your designated places? Make sure y'all perfectly capture the faces of those two. If not, all of you will taste my punishment. Get that?"

"Of course sir. By the way, they just came out in this company and we already capture them while walking in the hall."

"That's good send it to me right away. Hahaha! I'll make Helix life miserable if he'll do something that doesnt include in our plan"

"I'll hang up."


Helix POV

I immediately look at my phone when it started to ring, 'who's this?' I confusely said in my mind. Before I look and get it, I parked my vehicle in the side of the road and hurriedly read the text message from Regan,

"Eyy dude, I'm sorry something came up and I'm not be able to joined you in the celebrati
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