The Choice
The Choice
Author: Trapti Singh

Chapter: 1

I opened my eyes and found myself in the middle of a forest with trees around me. I could hardly see anything except shadows of trees and should of howls hooting. Suddenly I heard the rustling of bushes from behind me and then a howl. Everything went still the trees stopped moving from the wind. It felt as if the world stopped, I could not hear a sound, I slowly turned around and saw glowing red eyes looking straight at me. It started moving out of the shadows and what I saw made me gasped. It was an enormous wolf, bigger than normal wolves with black fur, it felt as if the fur was shining where the light of the moonlight fell on it. The fur looked soft as if it was a pet dog and not a wild wolf. The wolf was looking at me with such intensity that it was hard to make eye contact with it, but I felt compelled to do it. Its eyes are so mysterious as if it is not an animal but a human. It feels as if he knows me somehow like we have a bond or a connection and suddenly it started coming toward me slowing and then pounced at me. 

I woke up with a jolt, sweating, shaking all over. My alarm was ringing beside me and I hurriedly turned it off. It was a weird dream, more so because I have been having the same dream for the past week when my dad told me we are moving to a town called Bluemoon (which is a weird name for a town) because of his job. It was quite a shock at first because I will have to leave everything I have ever know, my life, my childhood, my friends, memories, everything but I knew that I couldn’t do anything about it at not until I am 18. 

When I told my friends about this, they were unhappy that I had to go in our senior year, but they knew we could not do anything but promised to make the rest of the days with them memorable and they will keep in touch and even try to come there for some time to meet me. And they made my last days in New York worth it. 

Today was my last day here and I had packed almost everything in my room. My room was pale blue with a king-sized bed in the middle and nightstands on either side, my desk was on the left side of the room with a window where I could get some natural light and could see my backyard. On the right side I had my bookshelf with a lot of books and in front of me was the door to my bathroom and closet. Usually, there are a lot of things in my room and it’s messy but now there are only boxes and my clothes for the day, everything else is packed except my bed, nightstand and other essential things. 

Before I could get out of my bed to freshen up and pack the rest of the things my mom shouted from downstairs, “Wake up Lily Aand get ready fast the moving truck is here!” I could hear the sound of the truck stopping in front of our house and then mom greeting people who will help in taking our furniture to the truck and unloading it. 

I sighed and shouted back, “I will be down in a minute!” and then started my way toward the bathroom to freshen up. I don’t understand how my parents can take this so lightly I mean we are leaving everything we have ever known to go live in a small town surrounded by forests which we never even heard about till now. I know they are also feeling sad about this but they don’t have to pretend everything is fine if they will show me how they really feel then I will also feel encouraged that I am not the only one whose life is going to change. I think that’s what it means to be a parent and an adult to always pretend that everything is fine just to show their children and make them feel better. 

After getting ready I started packing things that I had to carry with me in a duffel bad like my laptop, chargers, toothbrush, makeup, etc. The rest of the furniture will be loaded in the truck. After packing I went down and saw my father and mother sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. 

They saw me and we greeted each other with a good morning. My mom told me that they will eat somewhere because we were very late and can’t travel on the road at night because it is surrounded by forest. 

After some time all the things were loaded in the truck and we were ready to hit the road. I sat in the back seat and plugged my earphones because my parents were talking about there work and all of which was very boring. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the window. I could not sleep properly because of the dream so as soon as I closed my eyes I fell asleep with music as a background voice. 

I woke up suddenly when my father hit the brakes. I asked him, “what happened?” sleepily my eyes barely opened. He told me that “we are stopping to get some food and put some gas in the car, you want something?” 

I looked out and saw that we were in a gas station I told him, “Bring me a bag of chips and water.” He just nodded and went inside the shop. I looked around for my mom and saw that she is filling the car. I rolled down my window and called her, “mom!” She looked at me and smiled, 

“I see you are finally awake, you wanted something honey?” I asked her, “How much time is left till we arrive?” 

She told me about half an hour, now we have to go through the road surrounded by forest. I just nodded and then dad came back with a hand full of food. We ate and then started our journey again. This time I didn’t fall asleep instead I looked out and saw different shops and cars passing by. Sure enough, after some time there were no shops in sight and we could only see cars occasionally. Then we were surrounded by forest on both sides, the forest didn’t look that dense on the outside but I know that it will get denser and denser. 

I was looking out from the window when suddenly saw a black moving thing in the forest. I 

stared at it because it was moving with the car but inside the forest instead of the road. As if sensing my stare it stopped abruptly and looked at me straight in the eyes and I gasped. My parents asked me what’s wrong and I told them it was nothing I just saw an animal. When I looked back it was gone. 

I took a deep breath and didn’t look outside for the rest of the ride. I could only think about one thing that it had red eyes like the one in my dream.

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