Chapter: 2

The whole ride I was thinking about those red eyes, and I think my brain got tired with so much stress that I fell asleep again without realizing it. I already hated moving in the town, and now after seeing those eyes, I am despising this town more and more. I know my parents want me to be happy here, that's why for the past week they had been telling me all the good things about the town and how much I will love it, but I don’t think I am starting to like it any more than I did before.

The chances of me liking this town after living in it are non-existent. I know I should not judge something, even if it’s a town without seeing or living in it, but I can’t help it. I just have this gut feeling ever since my parents told me we are moving that everything is going to change, I don’t know for the good or bad, but it is going to change, or maybe I’m just saying these things because I don’t want to move anywhere I told know anymore. 

But I am sure about one thing. I am seeing the same dream for the past week and I don’t think it’s normal to dream about the same thing every single time. It's not a coincidence that I saw those red eyes. But I just can’t believe that everything I dreamt about is going to come true, so the only explanation is that my eyes are playing tricks on me and maybe they weren’t the eyes of the same wolf and I just thought they were the same because of the eyes, I couldn’t see the whole body or what animal it was, so it is the best explanation I can come up with. 

This time, when I woke up, itas because someone was shaking me awake. I was not ready to wake up yet so mumbled sleepily, “Just five more minutes.” Someone chuckled and said, “Wake up sweetheart, we are here.”  I still don’t know what the person is talking about and replied, “I don’t care, let me sleep.” The person started shaking me more violently and a different person said, “Wake up, you can sleep in your new room, don’t you wanna see our new house?”

As soon as these words left their mouth, I remembered that I am not in my room but our car and we were going to our new home. I opened my eyes slowly, adjusting to light and looked around. Sure enough, we were parked in front of a medium-sized house, it was not a big house, but still big for three people. The house was painted in shades of brown, and the walls were painted a light brown while the roof was inclined and painted dark brown. There were small stairs for the front door and grass on either side. On the left, there was a garage, and we were parked in front of it. I saw that first, my dad tried a failed attempt to wake me, and then we went away to start unloading our stuff from the truck while my mom continued waking me up.

After successfully doing so, she told me to go inside the house, pick a room (there are four rooms, one master room, one for me and two guestrooms, a kitchen, living room, and separate bathrooms for each room.) And start unpacking my stuff.  

I got up groggily and got out of the car yawing. I saw my father and some other people taking our stuff in the house from the truck. I neared the truck and started looking for my boxes. After looking for a while I found all the boxes that I could carry with me and started taking them out from the truck and on the ground so that it is easy to carry them when I chose my room and come back without disturbing and coming in the way of others. Now I went inside the house. The inside was nice and there were boxes and furniture everywhere, I was standing in the hallway and as I walked inside I saw the kitchen on the left with dining room attached to it, then there was the living room and a small room which I think was for keeping washing machines. There was a room which I think was the master room, there was no other room, so I went upstairs and saw the rest of the rooms.  

I looked into the rooms but only liked the last one in the hallway because it was at the end so there will be less sound there. The room was not big nor small, it was a perfect size. There was a bathroom on the left but there was no walk-in closet like my previous house, but the closet was fine for me because I didn’t require a big closet. The best thing about the room was the window bed which was instantly my favorite thing about the room. 

I hurriedly went downstairs and found my mom arranging the kitchen. I told her I have selected my room and the location of the room. I went outside and started bringing the boxes upstairs after bringing all the boxes upstairs I was so tired that I couldn’t even move my arms they were paining a lot. I sat down on one of the boxes because they haven’t started to bring my furniture yet. 

I just sat there catching my breath for sometime when I heard noises and footsteps coming upstairs. “They are finally bringing my furniture, thank god now I can sleep.” I thought relieved, I will unpack my stuff tomorrow because I don’t have the energy to do anything right now. After some time the noises stopped and someone knocked on the door, it was dad. He said, “We have brought your bed, open the door.”

I got up and opened the door and stepped aside so that they can come inside with my bed. They set up my bed and then brought all the other furniture one by one which wasn’t a lot. They brought my bed, vanity table, desk, bedside tables, and other stuff. After bringing them up they went away and I signed and jumped on my bed face down.  

As soon as my face touched the bed I fell asleep almost instantly without even changing my clothes. Tomorrow was Sunday so I had another day to unpack which I was grateful for. I slept well that night because for the first time in a week there were no dreams. 

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