Chapter: 3

I woke up the next day feeling fresh with a target in mind, starting unpacking today and finish it by today. Tomorrow will be Monday with means that it will also the first day of my new high school which is Bluemoon high (not the most creative name I won’t be surprised if everything here starts with bluemoon, like bluemoon cafe.) and I want to finish my unpacking today and also want to distract myself from the fact that I will be a new student where I don’t know a single person which is kinda nerve-wracking.

It’s not that I’m an introvert or an antisocial person, I can make friends easily and I had a lot of friends in my old school too but the thing is that I can be friends with anyone but I trust only a few so it’s like I am a mystery in my own friend circle except for a few people whom I trust. I’m an ambivert, so I like my alone time but that doesn’t mean I don’t like going out.   

The reason I don’t trust anyone is not that something bad happened to me that’s not the case at all I had a normal childhood and everything. The reason is that my grandfather who was a retired army officer always told me to not trust anyone blindly not even my own shadow. He said that because when we trust someone we rely on them which is not a good thing because people can do anything for their own survival and that’s not a bad thing because it is an instinct. 

I think he is right because in the end we came alone and we will die alone, at that time we have no relationship with anyone but ourselves. That doesn’t mean I never trust anyone because I do but I never trust them blindly. That lesson my grandfather taught me has helped me a lot in life, I saved myself from some of my friends who were backstabbers and actually ruined people’s life just because they trusted them.

My thoughts were interrupted when my mom knocked on the door and asked me to freshen up and come downstairs for breakfast as I didn’t eat anything for dinner yesterday. I told her I am coming and then started getting my clothes from the packed stuff. It was a difficult job to locate everything from the piles of boxes but I finally found the one and took out all the necessary things.  

After doing that I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine. While in the shower my mind again drifted towards those red eyes and I tried to divert it but it would not go away. The only question lingering in my mind was, why I was seeing these things? It never happened to me before and suddenly when I am a week away from starting a new life in an unknown place I am seeing the most bizarre dream that too every night. But I know I will not be getting any answers and it only made me more confused so I just tried to think about something else and the first thing that came to my mind was I am going to do this much unpacking in a day and I also have to go shopping for the new school year.

I gasped as soon as I thought about this because I have totally forgotten to do the shopping for the new school year because of all the packing. I hurriedly got out of the shower and put on new clothes. “I guess I will have to go shopping first then I will start unpacking.” I thought.

I went downstairs and ate breakfast which was pancakes and coffee. I told my parents I will have to go shopping and asked my mom to give me her car because I don’t have my own yet. My father said, “No you can’t take our cars from now on.” with a calm expression and a ghost smile on his face.

I asked him, “Why? Did I do something wrong?” with a shocked expression because my parents never told me no about these things as I always made sure to not get in any serious trouble. I was still thinking about what I did wrong when my mom said, “Yes you can’t take our cars now because you are getting your own as an early birthday present!” smiling softly.

My jaw literally hit the floor in shock, I could not believe it they were finally giving me my own car, at least something good came out from moving in this town. I could only utter “really?” because of the shock only if my friends were here to celebrate with me.

Dad replied, “Yes really, we thought that you should finally get your own car. After all, you are starting your new life in this town.” grinning at me. I grinned back and hugged both of them, telling them how much I love them and a million thank yous. 

They took me to the garage where my new car was waiting for me and it was perfect. It is a Volkswagen Jetta. I again thanked them and got in the car. I started the car and took off toward the shopping mall with the help of GPS. The mall was not far from my house so it took me about ten minutes to get there. After arriving I went inside and bought all the necessary things from there.

It took me about an hour to get everything I needed and then I went home and rested for some time. After taking a short nap and eating some snacks I sated unpacking my stuff and placing them in the appropriate place. The rest of the day was spent unpacking with regular breaks. Till the time I unpacked everything and placed them in their right place, it was dark outside. 

My mom called me down for dinner where we eat peacefully with light conversions about our day.

After eating I went upstairs and did my normal routine and get ready for the night. I was really tired from all the unpacking so I knew i will fall asleep almost immediately. I saw that my window was open so I went to close it as the weather was cold today. When I reached the window to close I saw two red eyes looking straight at me.

I stepped back from the window and put a hand on my mouth to stop myself from screaming. After standing there for some time I slowly went towards the window and looked out again and the eyes were gone. I took a deep breath, relieved, and hurriedly closed the window. I went back to my bed but could not fall asleep thinking about those eyes and the constant fear that it will come through my window if I closed my eyes.

After tossing and turning for about an hour I fell into a restless slumber stilling thinking about those red eyes looking at me as if they knew me.

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