Chapter: 5

The rest of the period went by smoothly. As smoothly as it could go with students looking at me from time to time. I was getting irritated but decided to ignore them, they will stop doing this after some time. Instead, I concentrated on what Mrs. Cooper was teaching in class, she was a good teacher and I knew I will like her class a lot, which I did. 

The class was over and I started packing my stuff. Angelina mirrored my actions and said, “Do you know where your next class is?”

I told her “Nope but I will manage” and finished packing everything. She said, “Show me your schedule, I will take you to your next class.” gesturing me to give it with her hands.

I complied and gave her my schedule. She took it from my hands and looked at it, then said, “Oh you have history next, we have the same class” smiling with excitement, exiting the now empty classroom.

I followed her and asked, “What’s up with these people? Why are they looking at me like that? apart from the fact that I came from a big city.”

In her moment of excitement, she said, “Because you are human!” then as if realizing what is said she started laughing awkwardly and said, “I mean they must be thinking there is a big reason that you moved here”

I looked at her puzzled and asked, “But then why……..?” I could not finish my sentence when she started dragging me saying that we will be late for class and I shouldn’t be worried about these things.

The question still lingered in my mind, but I just shrugged and thought I will ask her later or maybe she was just joking. I started catching up with her because she was dragging me and decided to change the subject and make the atmosphere lighter.

I asked her, “So, you have any siblings?” I could see that she was also relieved with the change of subject and said, “Yes I have an older brother his name is Kevin” smiling at me but still keeping her pace.

Then she asked me if I had any, I told her I didn’t and I was the only child. She said, “Wow that’s so cool, having all the attention to yourself with no one to compare yourselves to.” It looked kind of personal for her when she said that.

I looked at her nervously feeling awkward and said, “Nope it’s not as fun as you think, I don’t have anyone to share my feelings with and I’m alone if my parents are not there.”

She understood what I was saying and said apologetically, “Yes you are right having a sibling is like having a lifetime friend, we are never alone. I may fight with my brother but I will never think that he was gone from my life.”

I just smiled not knowing what to say, it happens with everyone when they get something easily they start taking it for granted like it has no value in their eyes. Ask someone who doesn’t have it they will tell you the real value of that thing or person.

 After that, we just talked about casual things like our favorite color (mine is black and purple and her blue and pink), Food (pizza!!!), and other things. We reached our classroom and sat down behind a guy who looked like Angelina except for their eyes (she had gray eyes and he had blue), they both had blond hair, sharp jawline, and high cheekbones. 

He was unmistakenly her brother. As soon as we sat down Kevin turned around and said, “Hey angel who is your pretty friend here?” smirking and raising his eyebrow looking at me then at Angelina.

She replied irritated, “Shut up Kevin, she is Lily and ass you can tell he is my brother.” looking at me and gesturing towards Kevin on the last sentence. 

I said, “Hey, nice to meet you.” and his eyes lit up in recognition and grinning asked, “Oh so you are the new girl from the big city.”

I replied, “Yes, I am the “new girl from the big city”.” emphasizing the title given to me sarcastically. 

He merely chuckled on my sarcasm and said, “It’s not my fault everyone is calling you like that but why did you come here from New York” raising his eyebrow and looking at me curiously.

I told him, “I came here because of my father’s job” feeling very irritated.

After hearing this answer Kevin burst into a fit of laughter. He had a loud laugh so everyone in the class was looking at us curiously but stopped when they saw me looking at them. Then I looked back at Kevin annoyed and waiting for him to stop laughing even Angelina was looking at him as if he has gone nuts and looked at me apologetically.

She asked him, “Shut your mouth right now and stop laughing before I make you” angrily. After hearing that he started to calm down and said, whipping the corner of his eyes, “I’m sorry Lily but your reason was so simple and people are making bizarre assumptions about why you came here, its funny how people can judge you without even knowing.”

I didn’t hear anything after he said people are making assumptions about me. “Don’t they have anything better to do then guessing why a person moves to their town, seriously how much free time do they have?” I thought angrily, it was another thing looking at me but assuming about me? That’s just next level bullshit.

I asked Kevin, “What do you mean? What are they saying?”

He said, “Well someone is saying you got pregnant, or someone tried to ruin your life, etc but don’t worry they just do it for fun and it’s a rare sight for them to see a new student in this small town. They will shut up after some time” trying to assure me, I don’t care about these rumors because they don’t know me so it doesn’t matter to me what they think. 

But it would be better if they don’t do these things, so I am hoping what Kevin said is true. I just replied with an “if you say so” and then our maths teacher came and started teaching us. Thank god he didn’t ask me to introduce myself but that doesn’t make me like the teacher a lot or the subject. 

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