Chapter 10

Anna's POV

Dex parked the car in the garage and I ran out as soon as we stopped. I knew he would notice the difference in my appearance and would ask questions which I didn't want to answer.

"I'm home, Kathy," I said as I passed the kitchen. I would go in and say a proper hello but I was too shaken up to talk to anyone. I didn't even know if she was in the kitchen or not but I silently hoped that she wasn't.

I got to my room and flopped down on my bed after throwing my bag to some unknown corner of the room.

'How did this happen? Why did my case have to be different? Why couldn't my family be normal like the others?' I thought.

"Who did I offend?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I cried.

I had to put on a strong, unbothered facade with Colton and Vanessa because I didn't want them in my business but being alone in my room made the tears I had been holding for so long let loose.

I was scared, so scared. Mrs. Ryan just had too many similarities with her. Simply looking at
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