Chapter 11

Anna's POV

It felt good to be back to school. Everyhere was looking the same but even the lockers closing was like music to my ears. I had just come out from history class and might I say that it was excruciatingly boring. Our teacher was even more boring than the subject itself!

It was time for lunch and my feet took me to the cafeteria. I sighed when I finally got there. On my way, it felt like I may not make it. I was so tired that I could barely register what was going on around me. I almost walked myself right into a wall even!

Oh well, that's over. The cafeteria was a lot rowdier than usual. Given how hungry I was, I shouldn't have noticed that, but the noise was too much and I naturally hate noise. I sighed again and made my way to an empty table after scanning the area for one.

I didn't buy the cafeteria food that day because I brought mine from the house. I smiled at the memory of Kathy and I making my lunch. It wasn't much, just potato chips with sauce and some cupcakes
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