Chapter 12

Anna's POV

School was over for the day. I went to my locker to wait for Brooke. Mason and Colton told me they would leave school earlier than us since their grade closes two hours before others. Anyway, I was shocked beyond measure when the girl walked up to me this afternoon before Math class started. I was thinking she had been ghosting me, after all, I never saw her again after we shared Physics class on my first day at Regis.

So she said that she wanted to talk to me and I told her to go on, then our stupid teacher choose that moment to grace us with his presence. I sighed as I tried to control my annoyance. Like, why couldn't he come in later?

Brooke said we would talk later and asked if I could wait at my locker after school, which I agreed to.

After arranging my locker, I leaned on it to wait for her. The hallway was still very busy. Athletes were going to locker rooms to get ready for their practice while the cheerleaders were doing the same thing.

I got bored of just watch
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