Chapter 38

Anna's POV

We stood there. Kimberly stood beside me and the four others stood opposite us. It looked like we were having a sparing match. To be honest, I had no idea why I sat to talk with Kimberly. I just felt something tell me to stay to talk. It was fun though. I resolved that I would do my best to get her out of that bitchy attitude. 

The Kimberly I talked with wasn't the one who tried to bully me. That was when I confirmed that the attitude she showed at school was far from the real her. Besides, there was nothing wrong with hanging out with her. 

I sent an icy glare at Mason. What did he think he was doing? What was with all these people who wanted to defend me when I had everything ability to defend myself. Had he forgotten so soon that he and I got off on an awfully wrong foot? He did try to embarrass me in front of a lot of people. If I could forgive him, why wasn't I al

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