Chapter 42

Anna's POV

Why do some adults act like absolute idiots? Why do they find it fun to abuse their power and authority as adults? I could not fathom the answers to these questions of mine no matter how I tried. And here, I thought my parents were bad enough. 

I sat in the car, looking out the window and enjoying the scenery. I might have hated the United States but I had to hand it to them, they sure did no how to preserve nature. The people's lawns were always trimmed to perfection and the parks looked really nice. 

"We aren't going straight home, Annabelle," Dex said, interrupting my thoughts. I pitied the poor guy. There I was claiming to be his friend when I hardly ever spoke to him. I had been a little withdrawn but he and Kathy took the brunt of it all. I really needed to make things up to them. 

"Okay. Where are we going then?" I asked. 

"Your mom said I should bring you to her office."

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