Chapter 44

Basha Siromani's POV

Jasmine, an young redheaded Asian lady who happened to be Riley's personal assistant stood before us. She had a distinct look of disappointment on her face which definitely worried me. If she read a wrong meaning into the situation, she was likely to tell my wife and that would end us in a big ditch. 

"Good afternoon, sir," Jasmine said in a cold manner and not in her usual cheerful yet professional manner. 

"Well, what is it you want here? Can't you see we are busy?" the African-American woman said. 

"I can't see what's making you busy," I quickly said, giving her the coldest expression I had, an expression I had not used in a very long time. 

"Jasmine," I said, facing the young lady, "where is my wife?" I made sure to lay emphasis on the word 'wife'. 

"She is currently in the conference room, sir," was the reply. "I actually

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