Chapter 46

Third person’s POV

“Today, we will be having a pop quiz before the actual class begins,” said the strange teacher the minute he stepped into the classroom.

“Good morning, sir,” the class rep said “please don’t be offended, but may we know who you are?”

“Does that matter?” the man asked.

“Yes sir, it does,” replied Chelsea, the class rep.

“Well, my name is Leonard Lamberts and I’m your new Physics teacher,” he said with the creepiest of smiles on his face.

The students continued to look in at this weird six foot tall man. He was a lanky brunette with a face so red it seemed like he was slapped all over; his neck was long as that of a giraffe. The black clothes he wore were body hugging clothes so they emphasized his thin frame. His face was already reason enough to laugh, then coupled

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That’s it? The author left so many loose ends. It seems like she got tired of writing. ...
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