Chapter 6

Dexter parked the car and went to the back of the house. The Siromanis' yard was very large. It could take up to four duplexes if he wasn't underestimating it. 

The main house, where the family lived, was in the middle of the compound. It was a mansion that could take anyone's breath away. There was a two storey duplex behind it where the servants stayed. They were the gardener, the cook, the housekeeper and Dexter, the driver. There was a gate keeper but he stayed in the gate house which was at the gate. Mr. and Mrs. Siromani were rather low key people. They didn't want a crowd in their home, unlike most rich people. Most rich families filled their homes with several servants mostly to prove their wealth. 

Dexter went to the servants' quarters and straight to his room. Anna's behavior today was not only strange but also uncalled for. Most rich kids were normally rude. They were so rude that he started thinking it was a matter of principle for them, but though he hadn't known her for a long time, he knew that Anna was not like that so he wondered what had gotten into her. 

Annabelle was one of the most well behaved girls he had met so far. Dexter had worked with three wealthy families before he came to work for the Siromanis. 

He worked for his past employers as a software developer, which was what he studied. During those periods, there was hardly anything he didn't witness. The boys in those families turned him into a play thing. They'd boss him around like he was their property. The girls were another story. They did everything they could to get his attention and when he didn't let them have their way, they would become antagonistic. 

Sometimes, their boyfriends saw him as a threat and only didn't fight him because he was older than them. 

The last family he worked for, the Austins, fired him because their daughter told them that he was making moves on her. That was a fat lie and Dexter expected her parents to see that. 

For one, he was hardly ever in their house but mostly in office. Secondly, he hardly even went close to her to which her brother was a witness of. But they didn't believe him. 

At first, Dexter was heartbroken when they fired him but he sucked it up and moved on with life. He had never liked that job but the pay was good and he needed it. 

When the Siromanis came to New York and said that they needed a driver, he didn't want to go. His friends tried getting him to apply but he couldn't see himself working as a driver. Then one day, Mr. Basha Siromani came to his house to ask him if he could be his driver. Basha freaking Siromani came to his house! 

He always remembered that day like it was yesterday.


The door bell rang. Dexter was asleep and didn't want to get the door. He thought it was one of his friends. When the person at the door kept ringing the bell, he angrily went to the door. When he opened it, his jaw literally fell to the floor. Never in his wildest dreams did Dexter expect this idol to appear in front of his house. 

"Uhmm, good-good morning sir", he stuttered.

"Hello Dexter", Mr. Siromani replied with a smile.

"May I come in?" Mr. Siromani asked when Dexter just stood in the doorway without saying anything.

He knew Dexter was not being rude. He was simply wondering what a man like him was doing there. 

"Of course sir! Forgive my lack of manners", Dexter said hastily and led him into the living room.

The young man was uncomfortable. He wanted Mr. Siromani to state the reason for his visit and leave. He wasn't displeased with the man's visit but with his own surroundings. He felt that the billionaire would be repulsed by his home. What he did not know was that Mr. Siromani was at home with the house. After all, he had lived in a worse home once.

"You may be wondering why I'm here", the man said once they settled down.

Dexter didn't say anything but waited for him to go on.

"I'm looking for a driver Dexter", he continued, "actually, a driver for my daughter."

Dexter frowned. Not only that he didn't want to be a driver, he also didn't want someone to accuse him falsely like his former employer. 

"I know you're having doubts about this because of your  former job", Mr. Basha said when he saw Dex's expression.

The young man's head shot up.

"Actually," Mr. Siromani continued, "the Austins are friends of mine and they're the ones who referred me to you. They said you are trustworthy and that they found out the truth about the incident leading to your termination of contract."

Dexter opened his mouth to speak but the man signalled him to hold his peace.

"They also want to apologize for what they did. Apparently, their son told  them the truth after you left", he finished.

All Dexter could say was "oh". 

"So will you work for me?" Mr. Basha asked. 

"Can I think about it sir?"

"Of course you can", he responded as he got up to leave.

End of flashback.

And that was how Dexter came to work with them. 

On his first day, he didn't see the girl he would be driving. All Mr. Siromani did want to introduce him to his fellow workers and his wife. Mrs. Siromani was very kind to him that day and he hoped their daughter would be the same.

His prayer was answered yesterday when he met Anna. She was very polite and friendly too but he could tell she was uneasy and it wasn't because of him. Anyone looking at her would know that she was a well behaved girl and you could even mistake her for an ordinary person. 

"Dex, do you have any idea what's wrong with Belle?" Kathy asked when he finally came down to eat. 

"I don't know Kate. She's been like that all day", he replied. 

He told her what transpired in the car on their way home was he ate the omelette she made. 

Bruce, the gardener and Dan, the housekeeper weren't back yet.

"Wow," Katherine said when he was done with his tale, "something has to be wrong."

"I think so too, Kate. But I'll talk it over with her tomorrow. Let her be for today."

Katherine agreed with him, "she didn't even come to the kitchen to get her food today."

"Just let her be", he said before going back to his room.


Mr. Siromani and his wife got home to a calm atmosphere. They looked at each other in shock. There was no sign of the usual destruction they would see on a normal Tuesday.

They quietly went upstairs to their room and changed, then went down to the table for dinner.

"Where is Anna?" Riley asked the cook when she served their dinner.

"She's in her room ma'am. She's been in there since she got back from school", Katherine replied, "should I go get her?"

"No, don't", Riley said with haste. 

Katherine looked at her with a confused expression before leaving them.

The couple were more than happy that their daughter might be able to heal. They ate their meal with light hearts. 

Katherine put some food in a plate and went to Anna's room.

The door was locked.

"I don't know what's wrong with you today Belle but please eat something", she said at the door. 

There was no movement from inside the room so she left for the kitchen but kept the food at the door. 

Anna listened until she heard Katherine leave then opened the door and took the food. 

As she ate, she thought of how caring Katherine was and it warmed her heart. She also believed Arya, wherever she was, would be pleased that she had someone who could care for her.

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