Chapter 7 - The card game

"Sure, why not? Shall we have stakes?" she answered cheerily, between sorting out her cards.

"Stakes? How mercenary," Rudra commented, though it was clear that this was meant to be a joke.

"Certainly. Perhaps, if I win..." He quieted, thinking before his smile returned. "If I win, I'd like you to tell me more about the challenges."

"Are you trying to wriggle out information from me to make your brother win?" She asked.

"I want him to win so that we can be related and get more opportunities to meet." He gave his most dazzling smile which quickened her heartbeat.

"But that would be duping. Your brother should win fairly." She spoke.

"Hmmm, perhaps I should change my stakes. How about if I win you tell me just the first challenge?"

"It's still unfair." She replied.

" You just need to tell me what the challenge is. I am not asking for the key to solving it. It's still fair." He insisted.

She pondered over a moment.

"Ok. And if I win...I want you to tell me something about you, which no on
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