Chapter 9 - First contest "The riddle"

"Fifteen contestants, fifteen greatest warriors, princes and kings have gathered here to vie for my daughter's hand"

King Suchihero paused.

"It truly an honor. The ancient system of Svyamvaar was established to choose the best man for a princess. There are 5 senses, 5 elements, 5 continents on this blessed Earth. Hence there would be 5 challenges. They will be revealed as we proceed."

The first contest was taking place in a hall which was the size of an average auditorium. There was a central stage where the contestants were seated.

The highest pavilion, near it, was filled with the royal family. Then the guests, and courtiers.

Rudra shifted in his seat. He was not interested in the contest really. He was scanning the pavilion for Toshani.

Anbir bristled in anger having to appear for such a childish contest for the foolish king but he restrained himself. As per his father's order, he had to win.

The oracle took over from the king as she approached the stage to brief the contestants a
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