Chapter 11 - The Outing

Toshani was feeling like a tour guide. Rudra was fascinated by everything, he wanted to visit every shop, try out every eatery, and struck a conversation with random people.

"Rudra you must not talk to everyone like this. We'll attract attention" She reprimanded him.

Rudra was happily strolling on the cobbled road. They were in the middle of the market area. It was crowded with merchants and shoppers.

"I thought you were the fearless one." He spoke.

"I am fearless, not stupid!" She replied.

"Hmmm so tell me what the most fascinating thing about your city is?" He asked casually munching on a stick of kababs which he had bought from a vendor.

"Isn't it enough? You have seen almost everything!" Toshani grumbled.

They had been wandering around for hours and she was tired.

He just grinned at her. His eyes were suddenly caught by the glowing pagoda of a temple in a distance.

He stared at it spellbound.

"What is that?"

"That is the temple of Aditi.the mother goddess of Shambala," Toshani rep
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