Chapter 73 - Into the cave again

Toshani stood in the doorway, transfixed. Staring at the little boy playing with a few wooden toys in the room. He would laugh, then chuckled while the older women smiled at him.

It was surreal, Toshani had an urge to hug the little boy, who looked so much like Revati, at the same time she wanted to run away. Afraid that her jinx would endanger the little boy as well. All her loved ones ended up dead isn't it?

"Who are you?" The older woman asked.

Toshani stepped inside and bowed to the former queen.

"Your majesty, we have never met before."

"How do you know me?" Queen Nyra asked.

Toshani ruffled the golden locks of Ishaan who stared back at her with curious blue eyes.

"He looks just like Revati. " Toshani mumbled.

Nyra narrowed her eyes.

"I am princess Toshani, your majesty. Revati's sister." Toshani said softly.

The women seemed unfazed. 

"So you survived as well, how did they find you?" 

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