Chapter 74 - The source

"Very well! Let's retrieve the source first, princess," Bhairav smirked.

Rudra lunged at Bhairav, but he was frozen midway. One flick of his hand stopped him in his track unable to move. 

"What have you done to him?" Toshani asked.

"Don't worry, he is fine! I have just immobilised him so that he doesn't interrupt us. Shall we proceed?" Bhairav asked.

Toshani grabbed her torn dress to stop it from falling off her shoulders and nodded. She was still clueless regarding what was going on.

Malcolm and Gopi were gaping at the proceedings baffled, unsure what to do. The column of fire in the middle was now a full blazing inferno. Flames cropped up through the ground, forking through the air.

Bhairav was mumbling some incantation. 

"Step into the column." He ordered Toshani.

"What? In that fire?" She asked aghast.

"It won't hurt you, now go!" He barked.

It was useless to argue with him. She was going to die anyway.

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