Chapter 75 - The war

Shrushaw moved among the soldiers, her sword trailing lines of blood in her wake. She used her grief for Prahastha to fuel her strikes. Her sword bit into steel and flesh alike. Swords shattered when met with her blade. She could have used magic but she needed the release. She wanted to kill and spill blood.

In a matter of moments, she stood shaking and breathing heavy, a group of soldiers dead at her feet. In the distance, by the wall, Markesh and his rebels were battling a large squad of soldiers, and they were losing. They were being driven back.

She scanned the battle, looking for small groups she could fight. She needed to fight. 

She sent a fireball spell towards a group of soldiers. Several groups of soldiers broke off and charged at her. They got within a few feet before falling to their knees, clutching their heads. Arrows hissed all around her and disintegrated into ash.

"Step back," a voice said from behind her.

Shrushaw gasped

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