Chapter 76 - Aftermath

"Baby? Toshani's pregnant I had no idea." Rudra mumbled in shock.

"I am assuming it's yours," Shrushaw asked, her voice was laced with anger.

Rudra nodded grimly. He was ashamed of himself. The ground shook. The cave was already breaking up, cracks appeared in its crystal walls and floor.

"We need to leave. This place is collapsing." Shrushaw screamed.

Rudra nodded and picked up Toshani. Shrushaw gave one the last look at Bhairav's mangled body. She closed her eyes for a moment, things could have been so different it only......

Another boom broke her reverie. The wall cracked and exploded for several yards to either side of the entrance, raining stones down on them. They dashed out of the collapsing cave.  

The hill and the waterfall slumped into a pile of huge rubble. Flooding the forest. Any trace of the source was buried in the rushing water.

Rudra panted and wiped off his wet forehead as he reached the edge of the forest with Shr

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