Chapter 77 - New Beginning

"You met the Gods?" Shrushaw asked incradelously.

Toshani nodded. 

News of her recovery had spread like wildfire and the next person to visit her after Rudra was Shrushaw. It felt surreal to be alive after going through years of uncertainty this was kind of unreal. It was amazing to think that the world continued to exist, even with all this grief and anguish.

"Ishaan?" Toshani asked.

"They are safe, Rob whisked them away before the attack. Everyone has been waiting for you, to take your rightful place, as the queen of Shambhala."

"I don't think I deserve that title. Perhaps, Ishaan should be declared as the next heir." Toshani replied.

"It has to be you," Rudra interjected. He had not left her side ever since she has woken up.

 "The people want you, they have been waiting for their princess. You have been their beacon of hope for years. Will you honour their request?" He asked. 

"I can't do this alone," she repl

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